Layered Shirt and Sweater

I rarely wear shirts–actual buttoned-up, collared shirts. They’re usually restrictive and often need ironing, so I ship shirts in favor of knit tops. But I’ve seen lots of stylish women–in blogs, magazines, and on the street–rocking the shirts and sweater look.


Sweater: Target
Shirt: Goodwill
Jeans: Goodwill
Shoes: Swapped
Necklace: eBay

I’m not one to easily fall for a fad, but I wanted to try this for myself. I’d always thought of this as a preppy sort of look, but with a mix of colors and textures, it’s sort of cutting edge. So I picked up a fun, stretchy shirt that was comfortable and didn’t need ironing. I layered it under a contrasting sweater, and voila!

sweater and shirt

I liked the look, I felt chic and not overdone, and yes, I’ll try this again.

mixing textures and colors

Have you tried any new looks recently? Would you try a sweater and shirt combo?


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4 responses to “Layered Shirt and Sweater

  1. Excellent matching of colours! Red fits with you very well!
    I wear sweater/shirt together quite often.

  2. marthaflatley

    this is such a cool look. I love those shoes.

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