Red, White, and Blue

I should have worn this last Monday, Memorial Day. My outfit here is quite patriotic: red, white, and blue.

red white blue

Cardigan: Prada via consigned
Tank: Wet Seal
Jeans: Jessica Simpson via swapped
Faux suede booties: Crossroads Trading Company

It’s also very thrifty. I found the cardigan at a consignment shop. My Shoes are from a second-hand shop and the jeans were swapped. I probably never would have tried on a pair of Jessica Simpson pants in the store, but I took a chance on a freebie. I’m glad I did. they’re soft and comfortable and fit well. They’re the perfect length for a mid-height heel.

jeans and a cardi

I read about Jessica Simpson and her namesake line and I was impressed. Unlike a lot of celebrities who lend only their names and have little to do with the line, Simpson is very involved in the creative process. I watched her on Fashion Star and really admired her. She’s come a long way since her reality TV days.

thrifty outfit

Do you have a brand that you never thought you’d wear?

Oh, be sure to check out the visible women at Not Dead Yet and the thrifters anonymous at Colorblind. I’ve joined those two group posts again today!


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14 responses to “Red, White, and Blue

  1. It’s a lovely little cardigan! I do have brands that I intentionally avoid, not always for the most logical reasons. And yet, time after time, I will pull out an item of that brand on a thrift rack!

  2. Very cool sweater! You can bring it back out for Flag Day and 4th of July. Or whenever. Red, white, and blue is nothing new, but seems refreshing this summer. You look great!

  3. Closet Strategy

    That cardigan is so cool; kind of ironic that it comes from an Italian designer! I would have guessed Michael Kors.

  4. Yes, one of my favorite fitting jeans is by Paige. Never thought I’d wear this brand but I love it.

    • I’ve never tried Paige. Funny how some brands just fit. It’s like they were made for us. And someone else would not have the same experience. I like Aldo shoes but a friend of mine says they don’t fit well. Likewise, a Nine West sandal isn’t the shape of my foot and looks silly on me (I can wear the closed-toe shoes though).

  5. Great British look, too (and you are part Scottish). I like Anne’s idea, wear it again on the 4th of July.

    I missed your posts the last couple of days, glad I can start my week off reading your blog with a cup of coffee on my beautiful deck!

    I bought Material Girl a couple of weeks ago (never thought I would), but I love the style and will post later this week.

    Have a healthy, happy week!
    Pura vida ❤

    • And Bastille Day is coming up soon too! So many flags have red, white and blue in them!

      Last week was crazy–coming back from two vacations. But I’m back in the saddle, so to speak.

      I’ve never heard of the Material Girl line. Is it Madonna’s line? Sounds it 🙂

  6. Very nice! I haven’t tried JS’s line yet but now I am inspired to do so. Thanks for sharing with Vis Monday.

  7. jangrahammcmillen

    One of the things I miss so much about Seattle is the possibility of wearing suede booties into the late spring. It just works there. Not here. And that’s the thing I like least about summer … no boots!
    Yes, even at my advanced age I wear Jessica Simpson shoes sometimes … she builds a pretty good shoe at a good price!

    • That’s the funny thing: all my posts from September through June look like “fall” or maybe “spring.” I don’t think I’m helping people by showing them cool-weather wear all the time, but you know Seattle!

      I do like getting to wear boots in the summer, but I don’t like having to but a sweater on in the evenings. Nothing like walking around on a hot night.

      Thanks for the confirmation about JS shoes. I’ll have to look for them.

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