Polka Dots for a Picnic

When the weather’s nice, people in Seattle take advantage of it–you never know how long the sun will stay out. On a recent sunny day, hubby and I packed a picnic basket full of goodies and headed over to Gasworks Park.

picnic and polka dots

T-shirt: Tahari via consignment
Dress (worn as skirt): Swapped
Shoes: Payless
Sunglasses: Old Navy
Purse: Crystalyn Kae
Basket: Santa Fe Farmers Market

Gasworks is a great location. From there you can see South Lake Union and the Seattle skyline. The Space Needle is visible behind me on the right. Everywhere we looked, people were kayaking, playing Frisbee, flying kites–it was really fun to watch the world go by.


We set up our picnic on a hill near a guy with an easel. He was painting landscape of the Seattle skyline. From this spot, we could take in the scenery (natural and otherwise–I like the urban feel of the gasworks. If you don’t, a simple turn to the left or right will have you looking at water, trees and hills).

picnic goodies

I cheated a bit because I went to Whole Foods and bought prepackaged goodies instead of making everything myself. We even sneaked a bottle of wine with us. We’re adults! Besides, it was a rosé and looked like juice.

I bought vegan potato salad (made with egg-free nayonaise), a quinoa salad, avocado rolls, diced fresh fruit, and the best wrap ever! It was made with faux chicken strips by a company called Beyond Meat. Delicious, healthy, and good for the chickens!

picnic spread

We actually ate too much. So we loafed around for a bit (I had on sunscreen–don’t worry) before wandering back to our car. On the way, I found a neat mosaic. Each of the metal designs was fabricated from kids’ drawings. How cool would it have been to see your childhood drawings permanently installed in a floor mosaic?


I’ve joined Not Dead Yet for Visible Monday and Color Blind for Thrifters Anonymous. Check out what all the others are wearing today!


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15 responses to “Polka Dots for a Picnic

  1. It looks like a lovely time! Gotta soak in the sunshine while it lasts!

  2. Love your picnic-outfit, and menu! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. What a splendid day! Picnics are so romantic and you look darling in your BIG polka dots! I need a polka dot outfit! Your lunch menu is making me hungry–good thing I’m on my way to a vegan dinner this evening!

    I have a picture of Gasworks that I took while in Seattle. It’s a great shot taken from the Duck Tour bus/boat. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll have to use it in a post sometime.

    Pura vida!! ❤

  4. I love the polka dots – so fun!!

  5. Ah! My old office building used to overlook Gasworks Park directly … right above it. Memories! And we used to live on Westlake in a condominium right across from the lakefront.
    You look lovely in your red and dots … even more prints to go well with in your blanket . I’m surprised there’s no photo of you reclining on it!
    Thanks for the photos.

    • Wow! You must have had great views from your condo and office. I didn;’t even write about the blanket. I got it at the Lemay Car Museum. It’s perfect for emergencies (fleece with a plastic side) and “emergency picnics”!

  6. That skirt is so cute! I can’t get enough polka dots 🙂

    The food looks delicious, so I can understand how easy it was to eat too much. I looove Whole Foods salad bar and always manage to spend a fortune, haha.

    • Oh, well, I didn’t mention that. It was the world’s most expensive picnic! Ha ha! Well, not quite, but buying everything ready-made wasn’t cost-effective. But so-o convenient!

      Thanks for commenting. Glad you like dots too!


    What a great day. I love anything polka dot.

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