Springtime Scarf

Considering the official start of summer is tomorrow, I’ll stop posting shots with tights and scarves. The rain did come back today, and tights are not out of the question, but these pictures are a few weeks old. I sold these shoes earlier this week. Proof that I’m sitting on my photos!

jumping for joy

Top: Swapped
Skirt: Swapped
Scarf: Swapped
Tights: Target
Shoes: John Fluevog

I’m happy to have sold them (even though I love that heel) because now I have money for new shoes. I’m replacing all my leather shoes with non-leather ones. Fluevogs do have vegan styles from time to time but nothing intriguing at the moment. Sigh.

thrifty outfit

Other than a shoe splurge that I’ve now partially regained, this is a thrifty outfit. I’m particularly smitten with the scarf. It’s light enough for warmer weather and has a neat combination of colors: olive, wine, yellow and gray.

wine and yellow

I like using a scarf to dress up a t-shirt or other simple look. What accessories are your favs?


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4 responses to “Springtime Scarf

  1. Pretty outfit! Pity that the shoes are leather, they are so stylish!! I love them paired with your matching tights; a long, lean look. Great little flirty skirt! I love scarves and have so many that I forget what I have sometimes and even forget to wear them!

    Happy summer!! ❤

    • Thank you. I like matching shoes and tights when I want to go “long and lean.” Luckily, I found a ton of great faux leather shoes out there. Now I just have to decide which to get! Fun!!

  2. Very pretty scarf and I love the color of those tights.

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