Florals and Grape Skinnies

I’ve been upstaged by my cat again. Poor Margo. Alice is blind and can go out with close supervision, and Frankie is a dog who can’t escape the backyard. But Margo is a would-be runaway so she has to stay indoors (or in her catio, which she thinks of as an outdoor prison).

gray blazer

She practically begged me to let her out during this backyard photoshoot.

grape skinnies

Blazer: Smart Set via Goodwill
Blouse: Goodwill
Skinnies: Just USA
Socks: Fred Meyer
Shoes: Thrifted
Belt: Madden Girl
Ring: Old Navy

In case you’re not looking at the part-Siamese bundle of cute trouble in the window, I’m wearing a blazer and blouse from Goodwill and my Just USA skinnies.

Cat in the window

I bought a pair of these in red in a local shop and wore them so often I tracked down the brand online and bought two more pair: grape and olive.

floral ring

It seemed like a good outfit for a huge, frilly ring! I love this little piece of costume jewelry. It’s lightweight and soft. I’d love to try making something like this and gluing it onto a plain ring.

I’ve joined Not Dead Yet for Visible Monday and Color Blind for Thrifters Anonymous. Let’s see what other bold, thrifty women are wearing!


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11 responses to “Florals and Grape Skinnies

  1. When we lived in our cottage, one of our kitties would cry pitifully to go outside, broke my heart. Now we’re all in our condo, no kitties go out,and they forgot! : > You look wonderful in your floral top and skinnies – thanks for sharing with Vis Monday.

  2. Love the ring; and the outfit too! xoxo

  3. jangrahammcmillen

    Although we live out in the tullies, our animals stay in safe areas and are not allowed to run. Good for you. Pretty combinations … grape skinnies! Yes! Cat bombs always upstage.

    • It’s safer for the animals, that’s for sure. And cats are ridiculously good hunters. There are too many wild birds in the yard to let her out. Wouldn’t be fair to them. She’s good at photo bombing.

  4. What a cute look! I love the POP of PINK with the socks.

  5. Bob

    I’m glad your cat has no access to the wild birds….we enjoy the wild birds at both home and trailer…..locally, birding can be enjoyed most any where Point Pelee gets the publicity but right in Cambridge, rare and other areas…trails ….have numerous birds.

    • I also enjoy the wild birds. Cat’s aren’t part of the ecosystem and to unleash them on natures isn’t fair. There are a lot of local and migratory birds who need our help. You’re right about popular, attention-getting places like Pt. Peelee. Beautiful, yes, but looking in our own backyards we’ll likely see wildlife too.

  6. Love the blazer and the cute cat!

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