Comfy Ballet Flats

One of my recent shopping goals was finding a pair of comfortable shoes that I can take with me on my upcoming trip to New York. When I was at the vegan bloggers conference I happened upon the Compassionate Couture booth, where I found a cute pair of flats by Reneu.

olive and black

Top: Swapped
Capris: Gap via Swapped
Shoes: Renue via Compassionate Couture
Bag: Victoria’s Secret
Cuff: Rogue City Killers

Compassionate Couture is an online retailer that curates a terrific selection of stylish, cruelty-free and eco-friendly clothing, shoes and accessories. It’s run by two sisters (whom I met at the booth) who left corporate America to help trendsetters stay true to their ethics without sacrificing style. That’s a company I can get behind!

bag and shoes

I tried these shoes on and practically didn’t take them off. They are lined, if you will, with memory foam (the kind used in tempurpedic beds) so they are cushiony and soft. They’re going to be perfect for wandering around Manhattan!

comfy outfit

Coincidentally, they also match my laptop bag. I don’t try to match shoes and purses (I usually try not to) but I liked how these two items went together.

eco outfit

The second eco item I’m wearing is the recycled inner tube cuff I recently bought to replace the upcycled leather one I’ve worn off and on for a few years. The other one was made of an old belt, so it was eco too, but I don’t want to wear any animal products anymore. The rubber looks leather-like and it’s vegan! I bought two and I might buy more. The stitching color makes each one look unique.

cuff and shoes

I’m linking up with What I wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy and Transatlantic Blonde. Check out what everyone else is wearing!


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15 responses to “Comfy Ballet Flats

  1. Oh, I like those shoes! I was just looking at a pair of Neuaura Renue flats at Mooshoes. They look really comfortable.

  2. Now that I’ve been to Manhattan, take 2 pairs of these comfy shoes with you.
    Enjoy your trip.

    • No doubt! Huge city blocks, tons of walking opportunities. NY is a great place to wander but comfy shoes are a must. I’m bringing a few different styles so my feet can rest from day to day.

  3. Those shoes are super cute too!! I loved the mixed neutrals – they’ll go with anything I imagine. Your blog looks great! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and leaving a lovely comment 🙂

  4. Love, love, love your shoes!! I need a pair!! I do like that they go so well with your bag!

    I have a question. I just bought a non-leather purse (I have only been buying non-leather or pleather – artificial, plastic leather). My purses look like leather but they are not, so I know that no animal had to suffer. Which leads me to my question. This purse has little flecks which I thought were part of a design. Turns out it’s imitation ostrich leather. So here’s my question. What do you think about that? Is it like wearing animal print or artificial fur or artificial leather – to enjoy a look without cruelty? Or should we only wear canvas shoes and cloth bags?

    • Good question. I think it’s going to be different for everyone. Some people won’t even like the idea of simulating skin and others are fine with cruelty-free alternatives. I don’t really think of my faux-croc purse as fake skin. I just like the texture, pattern and color. If something looks too real, an “it’s fake” pin will clear up any confusion 🙂

  5. Brian

    Great flats, I’m glad you got a pair. They are super cute and they match your computer bag perfect. Pillows for your feet. They remind me of my Tory Burch Eddies flats. Super comfy.

    Enjoy your trip.

  6. Hi Jean, those flats are both elegant and beautiful and if you add the comfort like slippers these are great win -win option !! Black & silver is a good idea to match my own flats with my black pants 😉

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