Red Shorts and Polka-dots

I’m on a roll, wearing shorts like nobody’s business. I think they work best (at least on me) when they hit at the widest part of my thigh and are slightly loose.

red shorts

Top: Goodwill
Shorts: Swapped
Shoes: Thrifted
Belt: Truth Belts
Hat: Payless

I almost didn’t get these red shorts. They were castoffs from my last clothing exchange. I was gathering up the unwanted items and getting a big pile of clothes ready for Goodwill when I spotted them. I thought they’d be good for gardening but I’ve been wearing them out.

polka dots and red

Today I dressed them up with a chunky-heeled sandal and my straw fedora. I hid the turquoise band with a black ribbon so the hat matches the outfit. Next time, I’ll wear a longer shirt. There’s nothing like seeing yourself in photos to realize what works and what doesn’t! I’m owning this fail.

straw fedora

I joined The Anything & Everything Blog Hop at My Thrifty Chic and What I wore Wednesday at Transatlantic Blonde. Now I’m off to see what everyone else is wearing!


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13 responses to “Red Shorts and Polka-dots

  1. I think with your long, slim legs you could wear any type of short and it would look great!

  2. Those are great red shorts! I’m glad you didn’t pass them by. I always double check my donate pile and sometimes rediscover things. But sometimes I remember why it’s there in the first place. Lol!

  3. I’m lovin’ that hat!! This is a fun summer outfit, you look great!!

  4. Love the polka dots with the red shorts! And I wanted to get some tie shirts for my high waist-ed shorts I just got! Love yours! Such a cute outfit 😀
    Have a lovely weekend!!

    • Thanks! A shirt tied at the waist is perfect for high-waisted shorts! Love that idea! I have a pair of high-waisted pants and perhaps I’ll pair this shirt with them – thanks for the idea!

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