Gray Cropped Skinnies and Flats

Today called for comfort so I opted for this super soft t-shirt and gray skinnies. I bought these shorts for $5 at an outlet store. What a deal! I’ve worn them dozens of times, making this a great buy.

shades of gray

T-shirt: Goodwill
Pants: Suzy Shier Outlet
Leather-look belt: Truth Belts
Rubber Cuff: Rogue City Killers
Shoes: Compassionate Couture
Rubber purse: Alchemy Goods

I’m on track to wear these flats a lot too. I bought them at the vegan bloggers conference I went to in May and I’ve worn them a lot already. In fact, they’re coming with me to New York. They’re the perfect city walking shoe.


The shoes are from Compassionate Couture, an all-vegan, eco-friendly online shop (I had the pleasure of meeting the founders at the conference).

thrifty outfit

As luck would have it, Compassionate Couture is having a sample sale right now. So if you’re in the mood for a cute bag, belt or pair of shoes, now’s the time to shop!

I’ve joined Style Elixir today. Check out what everyone else is wearing today!

Sample Sale Image


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7 responses to “Gray Cropped Skinnies and Flats

  1. You look so cute Jean! I love how you model for the camera like a pro! I’m never that comfortable in front of a camera. And I’m gonna check out that sale! Celeste 🙂

  2. I love that shirt! I have a thing for black shirts with good patterns. And you already know I like those flats! I love seeing Alice in your outfit pictures. It’s really cute.

    • Thanks Jesse! I loved the pattern too. And Alice is a sweetie. She’s blind but can be outside under close supervision. She’s learned “careful” means slow down or change course and “run run run” means keep going! Love that cat!

  3. Love how Alice gets into the action and poses for your blog!! ❤
    You look comfortable in this casual outfit. Love the shoes and the top is very pretty!! ❤

  4. What a fantastic look. So casual yet put together. The capri skinnies are perfect, you don’t want to hide those cute flats. Those flats will be perfect for NYC.

  5. Cute and I think your kitty kat is kute too – lol

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