Head in the Clouds

I have an astronomical theme going on today. I learned that if you wear tall enough shoes, your head will be in the clouds. Mine looks to be flirting with the morning fog.

blue and yellow

Sweater: JC Penney
Skirt: Forever 21
Jacket: Thrifted
Shoes: Payless
Purse: Forever 21
Belt: Steve Madden via Ross

And what goes with clouds? The sun and the moon and the stars–and stars are on my sweater! I liked this top when I saw it in the clearance section of JCP. Partly because of the great color combo (and stars) but especially because it’s reversible! Don’t be fooled if you see me wearing a blue sweater with yellow stars. It’s this ol’ thing.

stars and denim

I really wish (upon my starry shirt) that all clothes were reversible. Imagine the options? My wardrobe would double.

pencil skirt

I lucked out this spring when I visited Payless and found thse faux suede platform wedges. I’d gone in looking for flats but all the flats I tried on were uncomfortable. I tried these on, just for fun, and wouldn’t you know it: they were comfortable! No, I won’t be walking all day in them, but for a tall shoe, I’m impressed! No pinching or rubbing.

blue skirt

Do you wear heels and flats or do you gravitate toward one type of shoe?

This is my first time linking up with Lena B Actually (another Canadian blogger-yay!) I’m really happy to get the chance to discover even more amazing bloggers. I’m also linking up with Style Elixir again. Won’t you see what everyone else is up to?


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13 responses to “Head in the Clouds

  1. i love your colorful outfit. that shirt is so fun, and those shoes are amazing!

  2. I am a flats kinda person, but if I do wear heels, they are wedges! This is such a pretty blue color.

  3. That starry shirt is so cool–and awesome that it’s reversible! Also, I love how you made a little joke about your head being in the clouds…sometimes it’s hard to predict how the lighting will affect the photos we’re taking!

    • Thanks! Yes, I was sold on the fact that the top is reversible! Photography is a funny thing. Because I use a tripod and can’t see my subject (me!), it’s hard sometimes to set the right exposure. I suppose I shouldn’t frame a shot that’s half white sky and half dark tree. This is what happens. But I don’t mind the results! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. These colours are so cool together and your shoes match your skirt perfectly. I’m more comfortable in my flat ballet shoes, but heels are more elegant. Wedges are the next best thing to flats for comfort, but can be dangerous on uneven sidewalks as I found out and almost ruined my trip to NYC!

  5. I love wedges! They give the height I like without having to worry my heel will get stuck in a crack or something… Clumsy that way. 😉 Thank you so much for linking up for Passion For Fashion!

  6. Very astronomical. The stars on top and the blues representing the ocean and the sky. All silhouetted in the fog. Wonderful! And the top is reversible, double your wardrobe is right. As for the wedges, the heels look kinda high but so are the platforms. Are they easy to walk in? I’d like to try a pair someday.

    • Thank you! I never thought about how the skirt represents the ocean!

      These are high heels but the platform makes them look higher than they are. I’ve seen lots of cute wedges in the 2-3″ height that would not be hard to walk in. Definitely worth a try at least, but don’t start with a 5″ heel!

      • Brian Davis

        I guess that is the artistic part of me thinking the skirt is the ocean. To take it a bit further your purse reminds me of an iceberg. Although there aren’t too many icebergs where you live.

        Don’t worry, it will be baby steps with the heels. I still prefer flats.

        Still great outfit.

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