Transitioning into Fall with Shorts

I’m lucky that Seattle weather has been mostly nice this September. It’s a perfect time for shorts and boots–and if it does rain, my feet are covered. My boots are pleather, which makes them almost rainwear.

boots and shorts

Shorts: Ross Dress for Less
Shorts: Calvin Klein via Marshall’s
Boots: MIA
Cuff: Lauren Harkness

Until now, I’d only worn my sheer black and red snakeskin print shirt with black pants. So I thought I’d try a more multicolored look this time. I paired the normally dressy shirt with faded denim shorts and my caramel-colored boots. And since I didn’t wear this to the office, I went bold and ditched the cami.

sheer shirt and denim

I don’t wear shorts and boots a lot but I had fun with this outfit. It’s perfect for errands, a casual lunch, or whatever else the day throws at me.

red, blue and caramel

Do you wear boots and shorts? What’s your go-to seasonal transition look?

I’m joining Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet and Monday Bloom at DC in Style. Have a look at all the other posts!


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8 responses to “Transitioning into Fall with Shorts

  1. so cute! love this fresh look and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. Such a great Seattle look! Boots for rain, boots for everything. Makes for a dashing wardrobe. Love the deep color of your blouse, so pretty on you. Gotta get me some of that, but am waiting for more than just the tee shirt iteration I’m seeing here. I love this color so much that I don’t want it to just fade away with the wash.

  3. Love the burgundy! It’s a grat idea to combine with jeans, and also the color of boots matches them. Great outfit with authum colors!

  4. I’ve always liked the boots with shorts look. The boots signify the transition from Summer to Autumn but the shorts say it’s still Summer like weather. Well done! Love the boots and the colour.

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