Stripes, Florals, and Orange Pants

I wear these orange pants a lot, but they’re surprisingly versatile, and I always seems to find new ways to style them.

orange pants

So for now, they’re staying in rotation.

stripes and floral

Top: Marshall’s
Pants: Dickies
Shoes: Kimchi
Scarf: Swapped

This time, I wore them with a striped top and floral scarf. Scarves, I find, are a subtle way of pattern mixing and incorporating extra color into an outfit. My scarf has orange in it so it’s still a coordinated look. And aren’t stripes practically a neutral?

floral scarf and striped top

And since I was going with the orange and navy theme (possibly my favorite color combo), I thought I’d throw on some blue velvet shoes! Sometimes faux leather is boring and I love incorporating other textures into my footwear, like satin, embroidery, embellishments, and now velvet!

velvet shoes

These pants were originally boot cut but I felt like they weren’t long enough for that style so I tapered the leg and turned them into skinnies. They aren’t real peg legs, but they’re definitely not boot cut anymore. It’s actually a simple alteration–and you can use an existing pair of slim cut pants as your guide!

I’ve joined Lena B Actually and Rachel the Hat for their Passion for Fashion linkup. Have a look at what everyone else is wearing!


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19 responses to “Stripes, Florals, and Orange Pants

  1. I find myself so often calling things neutrals that I wouldn’t have before. Stripes are definitely in that category lately. So is camo, right?

  2. Love this colour combo!! What a great idea to sew the pants into skinny jeans. I have a pair of boot cut that I will alter too. I think your blue velvet shoes are so cool. Great casual look and the scarf shows how you can add pizazz to an outfit!

    • Thanks! I’d like to see your before and after. Tapering the pants was as simple as sewing a straight line down the sides (if jeans are top stitched on the outer leg, I’d just alter the inseam to save the nice stitching). I loved the blue velvet shoes when I saw them but admittedly, I haven’t worn them a lot. My new goal is to put them in rotation!

  3. I love coloured pants. They are more versatile than I thought! I have coral and burgundy and I have worn them with numerous tops. You can have a look at them on my blog. 🙂

    I like how you have added the scarf to the outfit- it ties the whole look togehter.

    I’m visiting from Passion For Fashion!



    Clothes and Creativity

  4. I completely agree with all of your reason for you outfit to be as it is. Great!! Thanks for the fun compliments to me at my B&W number. Have a nice weekend and watch out for the water puddles. ♥

  5. Brian

    What a great color of orange. The orange navy combo looks wonderful on you. I love the fact you turned them from boot cut into skinnies. Very creative.

  6. Ann

    I like this combination. The velvet shoes are unexpected and very cool. Bright colored pants are so great, especially with stripes and your floral scarf. Very cute casual outfit!

    blue hue wonderland

  7. Anything with stripes is cool! 😉 After seeing these photos, I want to pull out my red pants and style them too. 😉

  8. Love that you add extra textures through your footwear! I never think of doing that but it’s such a fun way to remix. 🙂

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  10. Thannks for the post

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