Ocean Colors and DIY Earrings

Here’s a Throwback Thursday post. I originally made these earrings in the spring and forgot to show them off! They’re made of simple, thin strands of ribbon that I poked onto a fishhook-style earring. The best part: I got the ribbon for free!

DIY earrings

Whenever I buy clothes with built-in hanger straps, I cut off the straps so they don’t peek out when I’m wearing my clothes. Some stores like H&M use ribbon in the color of the garment, which means I have matching earring for anything I buy there.

When I pair shades of blues together, I’m reminded of the ocean. And the ocean remind me of nice weather (since that’s the only time I go to the beach). Outfits like this make me happy, even when I’m looking serious. (I’m smiling on the inside.)

cool shades

Top: target
Flares: Urban Outfitters via consignment
Shoes: Old Navy
Arm party: Various shops

I realize I’m wearing flares, and the trend is for skinnies. I still find them elegant though. Sometimes I’ll sew wide legs into skinny ones but I think I’ll leave these as they are.

sweater and flares

Do you prefer wide of narrow legged pants?


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10 responses to “Ocean Colors and DIY Earrings

  1. I personally like narrow legged pants, skinnies or leggings is what I normally wear. I have a few pairs of boyfriend jeans and a couple flared dress pants.
    I really like your earrings too!

    • I think flares are dressier but I wear skinnies most often too. I can tuck them into boots, wear them with flats or heels, and find them generally more versatile. Still, it’s nice to have options. Thanks for writing!

  2. What a clever idea for earrings!! Much nicer than feathers (which I don’t wear because I don’t support industries that use animals for profit in anyway).

    Skinnies … flares … skinnies … flares. I’ve watched these trends go back and forth just like I’ve seen hemlines go up and down. I have both. Love my skinnies and still love my flares, after all, I’m a 60s girl and in the 60s – the wider and longer, the better!! Now they’re not as wide as we wore them in the 60s, but I think they look classier than skinnies. The important thing is to wear them with heels, long but not too long that they drag on the floor – that looks sloppy!

    • Yes! I like the look (and weightlessness) of feathers but I don’t buy them either. Some might be ethically sourced (i.e.: naturally shed from the bird) but most aren’t. I was admiring feather earrings at a craft show recently and the vendor said “Thanks. I killed the birds myself.” Yikes! No thank you.

      I agree that flares need to be long (but not too long) and preferable worn with heels. Skinny jeans are more versatile, but flares are elegant in their flowiness. Thankfully, we don’t have to decide. Anything goes!

  3. Love the DIY earrings (I think I remember the craft night!). And when they fall just below your hair length they almost look like cool dyed blue hair strands.

  4. love the flare jeans, the blue, the earrings…very 70’s vibe. i just got a pair of flare jeans too. like my skinnies, but needed a change! you look great!

  5. Those ear rings are amazing. You have the perfect hair style to show them off. I love how that picture of you in the basket chair has all those shades of greens and blues blend together. Thanks for sharing.


    they look actually like exotic feathers. cruelty-free feathers that is 😉

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