Velvet Biker Jacket

I love the look of a classic biker jacket–you know, like James Dean or Marlon Brando used to wear. I recently went to an exhibit at Experience Music Project about the rock ‘n’ roll aspect of this style of jacket. I was blown away at how versatile this iconic piece is. Everyone from Joan Jett to Michael Jackson has been seen in the “antihero’s anti-sportcoat.”

album collage

The motorcycle jacket can be hardcore punk or art piece. What started as protective gear and became associated with outlaws and rebellion is now a fashion statement.

jacket collage

I’ve sworn off leather, and I do have a few faux leather jackets, but I also like the idea of reworking a classic in new ways. So when I saw this velvet version I snapped it up.

velvet jacket

khaki, orange and brown

Jacket: Forever 21
Tank top: Target
Sweater: Target
Jeans: Just USA
Shoes: Consignment

Black is the classic color, but I really liked the brown. Next up: hot pink! I’d like a biker jacket in a thick cotton knit or even denim! There are so many options. You can wear them with jeans or a dress and they’re always in style.


Do you have a biker jacket?

I’m joining Visible Monday and Monday Bloom today. Check out what everyone else is wearing!


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16 responses to “Velvet Biker Jacket

  1. This jacket looks great with your skinnies- very stylish!!! thank you for being a part of Monday Bloom!!!

  2. Wonderful twist on the classic, Jean. I do have a biker jacket in heavy cotton, and it love it. Thanks so much for sharing with Visible Monday!

  3. Great item, great posing and great post. I love the color combo you did and the jacket is to LIVE for!!! lol

  4. I don’t have a biker jacket but if I get one, I want one in velvet! I love velvet and a biker-style jacket makes it sporty.

    As for leather, I’ve often bought leather shoes, but the strange thing is that I would NEVER think of buying or wearing fur. In fact, I saw a woman wearing a real fur coat yesterday and it made me so sad and angry (because I know the cruelty and suffering this causes helpless animals).

    Now the thought of wearing furless animal skin is really haunting me. It means I am still supporting an industry that I don’t approve of. To simply justify that the animal was killed for food, does not make it right and I prefer buying vegan alternatives.

    Thanks for influencing me in something I really do believe in! ♥

    • Yes, velvet is luxurious and a moto jacket is sporty. Win-win!

      I agree with you about leather. It seems so far removed from what it is that people don’t usually have a problem with it. A lot of leather does come from the meat industry, technically making it a byproduct, but it’s putting money in the hands of people who run an industry I don’t want to support. And with so many leather-free options, I don’t need to!

      Thanks for writing!

  5. Excellent! Great layers. And non-leather is great for that in jackets. Easier to keep your layers together all day! Pretty textures … easy, peazy casual with class. Velvet is classic and high narrative in a moto! I

  6. Chocolate brown velvet!!! Hello!!! Love this biker jacket, and no I don’t have one yet! I feel a shopping urge coming on though.

    • Thanks Sue! I liked it too, although I have a hard time narrowing down my choices. I just saw a navy faux leather one on Forever 21’s website. Too cute! And really affordable. I’m probably too old to be shopping juniors, but I can’t help it sometimes 🙂

  7. mark

    great outfit! i love those boots!

  8. I am huge fan of biker jackets, they are so versatile pieces and I most like to dress my elegant wardrobe down with it. Love that velevet brown contrasting to the red top.

    Thank you for linking up with trendsetters. Our next topic on December 30th will be “holiday looks”. We ‘ re looking forward to see your beautiful look.

    On another note, I am having a give away on a beautiful statement necklace, enter possible till Monday. Hurry up 🙂


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