Turquoise Cardigan and Patterned Dress

Here’s another summer dress I’ve worked into my winter wardrobe. I bought this for a summer wedding a few years ago and finally decided to wear it for less formal occasions. Today, I went to work in it. Just like the other summer dress I recently wore, this one has a dark background, making it more wintery.

turquoise cardi

Dress: Boutique in Seattle
Cardigan: Old Navy
Boots: Borrowed
Belt: Madden Girl
Scarf: Thrifted
Clutch: Shiraleah

Step one: Boots. They always make an outfit fit for fall and winter. I borrowed these from a friend while she borrowed a pair of mine.

Boots and dress

Step two: Cardigan. Layering is practical because it keeps you warm, but it covers short sleeves that would otherwise scream “summer.” I belted mine to give this outfit a bit of shape.


Step three: Scarf. I like scarves all year long, but they’re especially nice in cooler weather. They can hide a low neckline and generally add polish to an outfit. I picked a scarf in a small pattern with some of the same colors as the dress. If you’re new to pattern mixing, a scarf is a good place to start.

layers and colors

Do you have any secrets for incorporating summer wear into your winter wardrobe?

I’m joining Passion for Fashion, Fashion Informant and Fab Favorites today. Check out what everyone else is wearing!


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10 responses to “Turquoise Cardigan and Patterned Dress

  1. I love the pattern of your dress!

  2. Being a visual person, I always look through you photos first. I immediately noticed the cool boots with zippers down the front, so I checked where they’re from before reading the post. I thought the manufacturer is called “Borrowed” or there’s a thrift shop in your area called “Borrowed” and then I read your post and see the boots are actually borrowed – haha!!

    Great dress for all seasons, brightens up the winter and as you say, a cardigan and the boots makes it work. ♥

    • Oh, that’s funny! Well, there is a brand called Dirty Laundry, so Borrowed isn’t a bad name. These boots are actually a deep brown and my friend needed a true black to match her tights so we swapped. I liked the front zipper and wooden heel but they were too tight on the top of my foot. Also, they are leather and I don’t buy leather anymore. These are Fluvogs, which do make a few vegan styles. I like the brand and I’m keeping my eye out for non-leather ones.

  3. dan

    Hi, I am new here!
    I often use my summer dresses in winter, just adding a warm cardigan and a pair of thick thights ( I find that works very well! )

  4. dan

    I forgot to say that your dress is very cute and the bright colour of your cardigan really suits you!

  5. Mary

    Love how that outfit looks together! Bright cardi is fun while the dress and the boots both look so elegant. I love it. With an outfit like that, what color tights do you think work best? Suntan? White? Light blue to match the cardigan?

    • Thanks for your comment! Black tights are always safe with black boots but it would be fun to have a bit of color peeking out. Coral or a blue in the shade of the cardigan would work nicely. I have a harder time making suntan and white tights work but they’re definitely neutrals that would go with almost anything.

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