T-shirt Dress with Mustard Tights

Here’s another examples of a summer dress adapted for fall. I’ve done this so much that my winter dresses aren’t getting any use. I’d better start wearing them soon or they’ll start feeling left out!
mustard tights

Cardigan: Thrifted
Dress: Damselfly
Tank top: Old Navy
Belt: Lulu’s
Tights: Target
Boots: MIA

I’ve worn these tights before and liked them so I wanted to wear them again. They’re bright, but I find they go with lots of things. And I’m a fan of adding color to an outfit. Tights are sometimes the easiest way to do that.

cardi and t-shirt dress

I realized that when I last wore this dress (in summer), I was in New York (you can see me wearing it in the last photo, along with my mom). Even though it was warm out, I paired the dress with these exact boots. They were comfortable and we walked a lot that day.

boots and tights

This time, I belted the dress though, to give it (or rather, me) more shape.

I’ve joined The Pleated Poppy and Transatlantic Blonde for blog linkups today. Have a look at what other bloggers are wearing. And since it’s a busy time of year, remember to breathe deeply, make time for yourself, and enjoy the season!


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8 responses to “T-shirt Dress with Mustard Tights

  1. I remember you wearing this dress in the summertime in NYC on the High Line. With a cardigan, tights and boots (and a tank top underneath for extra warmth and a pop of colour) you have turned this into a funky fall outfit! Nice!

    I do like the belt for shape, as you said. Belts can be hot in the summer, that’s why shifts are so comfortable on hot summer days. ♥

  2. Very nice! I love re-purposing clothes to wear at any time of year. This outfit looks great on you and I love the pops of color you put with it!

    • Thanks! I always seem to need a pop of color here or there 🙂 Normally Seattle seasons aren’t so different so I can’t put away summer clothes and bring out winter ones. The seasons all blend together so cardis and tights save the day!

  3. That dress looks great with mustard tights! I love reusing my summer dresses in winter. The bright colors always seem to cheer me up.

  4. Jean, I like to tranform my clothes all season too. Coloured tights are a nice way to make winter dresses pop 🙂

    Thank you for linking up with trendsetters. Our next topic on December 30th will be “holiday looks”. We ‘ re looking forward to see your beautiful look.

    On another note, I am having a give away on a beautiful statement necklace, enter possible till Monday. Hurry up 🙂


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