Animal Print and Faux Leather

I’ve remixed my leopard-print dress again. I can’t get enough of animal print! I’ve worn this in cooler weather and warmer days. This time, I wore my faux-leather-sleeved jacket and purple tights.

leopard and purple

Dress: Ross Dress for Less
Jacket: Forever 21
Tights: Target
Booties: Old Navy
Bag: SNAP Designs

I’m a fan of booties and find these stacked-heel ones easy to walk in and funkier than a pump. But they still add the height that my flat boots couldn’t give me. If I’d have known how much use I’d give these, I’d have bought a back-up pair. I’m not sure how much life these have left. I love them though! The faux suede hasn’t faded or scuffed, and they’ve kept their shape.

fauz leather and yellow

As usual, I had to sneak a pop of color in somewhere. In addition to my muted purple tights, I have my bright SNAP bag. It’s vinyl and is wipeable, so I can keep it clean despite the light/bright shade.

I’m joining Monday Bloom today. Check out what the others are wearing!


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8 responses to “Animal Print and Faux Leather

  1. Oh, I love the tights. Tomorrow to Christmas dinner, I’m wearing tights. It was going to be black tights with black suede pumps, but since my dress is grey and black, I might dig around for my dark forest green tights and see what happens. If I had purple…

  2. You look gorgeous!! I think Oma influenced us both with animal prints, she wore them in the 60s. I just bought an animal print top from Covered Perfectly and it arrived yesterday–love it!!

    I know what you mean about wishing you’d have bought two of something you end up loving so much that you wear it out. Oma used to do that sometimes–buy a reserve pair. I have a pair of faux leather booties, they’ve been through slush and snow, getting lots of wear for three winters but they can’t last forever and I am desperately trying to find a replacement pair. I get asked where I bought them and compliments all the time.

    Hope you’re simply having a wonderful Christmastime!!! ♥

    • Yes, I love my animal prints! It’s Oma’s influence, I’m sure. I can’t wait to see your new tops on the blog. I hope you find a pair of replacement boots! Canadian winters are tough on footwear!

      • I’ve decided to take them to the shoemaker’s to have new heels put on. It will probably cost more than the booties but it’s worth it because the upper part (although synthetic) is still in great shape. It shows that man-made can be more durable than leather. They have taken a beating through snow and slush and I have even danced in them for a thousand hours!! 😉

        • I like that idea! We live in such a disposable culture but why? I remember Oma darning my socks. We could easily just replace them but she lived through a time when things like socks were scare and valuable. Now maybe I won’t be darning socks, but repairing shoes makes sense. Keep the think you like–and keep them out of the landfill!

  3. I love these outfits and those purple tights are awesome!! That jacket is bombed!! Love the stacked booties I sooooooo want some!!

    Hoped you had a wonderful Christmas!!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Those booties are so comfy! Old Navy has similar ones online but not exactly these. I want them to last forever 🙂 I had a great Christmas (the 24th is also my anniversary). Hope you did too!

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