Blue Camo and a Classic White Shirt

I joined the Navy. Old Navy!

blue camo

Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Old Navy
Belt: Couch Guitar Straps
Shoes: Soda

Until this pair of pants arrived from, I had zero camouflage in my closet. Or maybe I did. Maybe it was just so good at being camo that I couldn’t see it!

I like the unexpected color of these pants. (Well, blue camo is worn in the Navy, I think of the olive/khaki color combo when I think of camo.)

red white and blue

Camo reminds me of hunting, and hunting makes me sad, so I’ve steered clear of this pattern. But the blue camo seemed like a nice variation.

I’ve since seen professional wildlife photographers wearing camo (they even have camo cameras) so if I do get some green camo clothing, I’ll pretend I’m on assignment with National Geographic. Seems reasonable, right?

classic white shirt

And to offset the military vibe, I’m wearing a belt made of vinyl from a VW Bug. You can’t get more hippy than a Bug!

For once, I’m actually wearing a “classic white shirt.” For years I went without this wardrobe staple because I thought it would get dirty and wrinkled (and it probably will). Nevertheless, I’m glad to have a timeless item.

casual look with black wedges

I’m joining Style SessionsVisible Monday and Monday Bloom today. See what everyone else is wearing!


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12 responses to “Blue Camo and a Classic White Shirt

  1. Wonderful camo look, Jean! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday and have a great week ahead.

  2. You look beautiful:) love the white shirt on you 🙂 absolutely love it:)))))
    Hugs Beata

  3. I love the blue camo with the classic white button down. You look wonderful!

  4. White looks so crisp and fresh, great paired with the blue camo!

    I don’t like green camo because it reminds me of war and hunting – two things I wish did not exist – killing people and animals. Did you know that it is illegal to wear green camo in Trinidad? Not sure about blue camo. Now if I could find pink camo, I’d wear that!!!

    ♥ carmen

    • Yes, war is another negative association with the traditional camo. I had no idea green camo is illegal in Trinidad! I learn something every day 🙂

      Guess what? There is such a thing as pink camo! I’ve seen in in stores. I once had a pink camo sleeping bag but Frankie chewed it. I think he was trying to sabotage my trip (he saw it by the front door with my packed bags and panicked because he hates it when I leave). The joke was on him though, because I took him with me on that trip. We had to share the chewed up sleeping bag though 😦 When I got back from the cabin, I got rid of it. Frankie made the cut though!

  5. Great outfit. I love those camo jeans. I’ve only ever seen green or brown/tan camo jeans before. Blue is a nice change. That brown belt is a perfect dividing line between the jeans and the top. Terrific as always.

  6. Great look, Jean! Not a fan of camo generally, but WOW in blues and on you. I live and learn. Super approach, and I like the crisp menswear shirt … how feminine you look in your tomboy stuff!

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