Navy Blue Thrifted DVF Dress

I lucked out recently when I spotted this Diane von Furstenberg dress at a thrift store. It’s not her signature wrap style, so I think it went unnoticed by staff and customers. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty dress, with asymmetrical front seams and a bow at the collar. It’s not too frilly or girly, which is nice. I’m not a big fan of over-the-top ruffles–and least on me.

DVF dress

Dress: Diane von Furstenberg
Tights: Target
Shoes: Poetic Licence
Cuff: Shop in Issaquah, WA

Navy will go with about anything, but I had to try it with muted purple tights. The same purple tights, in fact, that I wrote about for my latest New Year’s post. This time, I also matched my tights (always elongating) with my shoes–velvet and sparkly peep-toe heels. A little girly is fine, right?

navy and purple

So this outfit is actually the same as my New Year’s one, with one simple swap. I traded my jumpsuit for a dress to change things up completely.

sparkly shoes and muted tights

I wore this to a double-date dinner with hubby and a couple of friends. It’s looking spring-like, but nights are still cool so I appreciated the sleeves and tights. The 3/4 sleeves let me show off my “diamond” cuff. Well, it looks luxe. But at $10 I’m guessing it’s not diamond.

diamond cuff with blue dress

I’ve joined Life of the Party and Passion for Fashion. See what everyone else is wearing!


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5 responses to “Navy Blue Thrifted DVF Dress

  1. WOWZERS, you look amazing as always. I mean you look stunning. I hope dinner was awesome.

  2. WOWZA!! I was about to say the same thing as Davisbe!
    Absolutely stunning!!

    BTW – now that you have another DVF dress, any chance I can borrow one? ♥

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