Blue Suede* Shoes

The Camilas are out! I love this evergreen bush, but I especially love it for the few weeks each spring when its pretty pink flowers bloom.

outfit collage

I wore my blue (faux) suede shoes with skinny jeans and a bright sweater. In the past I’ve paired these surprisingly comfortable shoes with skirts, but they work with pants too.

denim and platforms

Sweater: Target
Tank: Old Navy
Belt: Truth Belts
Shoes: Payless
Jackets: H&M

Of course I’m super tall in them–almost six feet tall–and it’s a lot of fun. I’d never look down on anyone, but I do love towering over everyone sometimes.

biker jacket and jeans

My velvet biker jacket comes in handy on nice (but cool) spring days. It’s still technically winter but spring will be here any moment! Today we had sun, rain, more sun, a bit of hail, and some clouds.

layered look for spring

I joined DC in Style and Style Sessions today for blog linkups. Check out what all the others are wearing!


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3 responses to “Blue Suede* Shoes

  1. Great outfit. I LOVE the blue suede shoes. I don’t normally think of blue as a Spring colour but those shoes fit in with the Spring theme just as much as those camilas and the green grass. Awesome!
    I’d love to try walk in heels that high.

  2. dan

    Wonderful bush full of flowers! I love the colour of your shoes! They go very well with blue jeans…

  3. Must be nice to smell the flowers! sigh!

    I love orange! The shoes look great, cool colour and I could use the height of the heels to make me look taller, but I’d be afraid to twist my ankle!

    ♥ carmen

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