Turquiose and Brown Waistless Dress

I’ve had this dress for years and I still love it. It’s super comfy, is a neat Missoni-inspired pattern, and can be worn from early fall through late spring.

blue and brown dress

Dress: Ross Dress for Less
Tights: Target
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Cuff: Etsy

I’ve worn this with brown tights and tall boots before, but this time I thought I’d try booties and blue tights.

pleated high-waisted dress

I realize that without a defined waist, this could easily look like maternity wear. I have no solution to that dilemma. Other than carrying a flask and reinforcing the “I’m not pregnant” look by taking swigs from it all day.

blue tights

Sometimes a belt is a good way to define a waist, but this actually has pleats coming from a “princess waist” so a belt won’t work. I’m not too worried.

cuff accessoriy

I was really happy when this cuff arrived in the mail. I got it from Etsy, to replace some leather cuffs I’d gotten rid of. This is a faux leather, embossed cuff that’s lightweight and adds a bit of cool, toughness to the outfit. Doing a search for faux leather cuffs was overwhelming–there were so many great results! But I narrowed it down and got this one and a red one from a great shop called Trailer Park Gypsy.

Do you shop on crafty sites like Etsy? It can be addictive! I just bought a wall decal for my bedroom from another shop on Etsy.


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7 responses to “Turquiose and Brown Waistless Dress

  1. When I saw the dress in the beginning, the first that popped in my mind was Missoni and was surprised to see that it is not! It is really pretty and perfect for all season in my opinion 🙂 great score!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  2. vintagefrenchchic

    Love this!

  3. This is so stinkin’ cute!

  4. Gorgeous dress Jean! I wish I could find one like this. I love the Missoni designs. You certainly don’t look pregnant in it, love it both ways that you’ve shown it! ♥

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