Black and White 60s Mod Look

Here’s a head to toe thrifted look. I got the dress from one clothing exchange and the boots from another. But it’s a look that’s meant to go together. I feel very 60s mod in this outfit. The dress is short enough to belong in the 60s too–yikes! But it isn’t more revealing than shorts, so I’m embracing the look.

retro dress and boots

Dress: Swapped
Vinyl boots: Swapped
Necklace: Florida flea market

I fiddled with the previous shot to give it a vintage feel. But by making a color photo black and white, no matter how retro or artsy it might be, loses the best part of this outfit: the red boots! I love these knee-length, high-heeled boots.

red boots

In fact, I saw them at DSW and almost bought them. I regretted not picking them up. So imagine my delight when my friend Andrea brought hers to a swap. These are even better than the Fluevogs I used to have. I sold them because I was ridding my closet of leather and other animal products. Now I have a fantastic–free–vegan replacement.

graphic dress and tall boots

I don’t manipulate my photos a lot. I want to show the real me. However, I will crop out a cluttered background or edit out a piece of garbage on the ground. For this photo, I removed my house number (hey, I don’t know everyone and I don’t like pop-ins!). I also tried to remove an unsightly security sticker from the corner of the window. Well my second-rate editing tool got confused and cloned MY head into the space instead of matching the rest of the window.

Jean spying on Jean

This might be the best accidental edit ever! I’m leaving it in. There I am, peeping through the window, wondering what I’m doing outside.


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6 responses to “Black and White 60s Mod Look

  1. Hehe – love that last peeping photo! And of course, you look beautiful!!! Celeste 🙂

  2. OMGoodness!! You have me seriously LAUGHING OUT LOUD on the last photo!! I didn’t notice it when I first looked at the photo, because your outfit is the focal point and WOW!! those red boots really caught my eye! Then as I continue reading that you edited and removed the number – I looked at the door; then you mention the sticker and I immediately looked at the corner of the window!! That is too funny and I’m glad you left it!!

    Love the black and white retro effect in the first photo, but yes, those boots need a colour photo! Great outfit, and fortunately you have fashionable friends that share!

    Your last line is hilarious!

    “There I am, peeping through the window, wondering what I’m doing outside.” lol

    • I couldn’t have done that if I tried. I had to leave it in. It’s just too funny. I recently wore these boots with a different black and white dress. They work well as the only color in a monochromatic outfit.

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