Floral Pants and Robin’s Egg Blue

I’m wearing the wide floral pants I bought in Savannah last year. I’ve already styled them on this blog (with denim and orange) and this time I tried something different.

floral pants

Sweater: Goodwill
Necklace: The Vegan Woman
Pants: Terra Cotta
Sandals: Bamboo

I like how there are so many colors in these pants. I can pick any of them and wear a top in that shade. A deep green would look good. I can even veer into pinks and yellows. Today, though, I tried it with a robin’s egg blue shade.

flowers with blue

I found this sweater at Goodwill. It’s cropped, but cropped is back again. I wore a tank top underneath though. I don’t think flashes of midriff are work appropriate. A pair of high-waisted shorts with a crop top would work for weekend wear though. Just no belly buttons unless you’re at the beach! The 90s midriff look seems to be gone and a more subtle version is in.

robin's egg blue sweater

Of course, as with all trends, choose the ones you like and skip the rest. Heck, wide pants weren’t technically “in” for a few years–but I wore them anyway!

florals in the garden

Do you follow trends or wear what you like? Any trends that you love or hate right now?


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2 responses to “Floral Pants and Robin’s Egg Blue

  1. I think this style of pants is as timeless as flowers. i remember you wearing these in NYC–fashionable comfort! I have a pair in black with white pinstripes; they’re a soft cotton fabric, very comfortable. Cute crop top; I love the shade of blue and like you, I wear a cami underneath.

    I see Alice photobombed again, loves to show off her beautiful fur coat–where it belongs–on the animal it belongs to! ❤

    • Yes, these are the pants. I agree that this style transcends trends. A striped pair would be great too. Classy. Furry little Alice is always welcome to photobomb my pictures! She wears her fur well. People don’t look good in real fur.

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