Faux Suede Skinny Jeans

I few weeks ago, before the cherry blossoms blew away in the wind, I debuted my new, faux-suede skinny jeans.

faux suede pants

Top: Old Navy
Pants: Swapped
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: Fred Meyer’s
Cuff: Etsy
Trench (below): Swapped

I picked these up at a clothing exchange earlier this year. They’re so soft and, well, suede-like. A great example of how you can get the look and feel without the actual skin. Plus, these are stretchy and machine-washable. You can’t say that about suede. I picked up the same brand and style in gray corduroy too. I don’t know who dumped these terrific pants, but thank you!

tan and navy

I paired my pants with a simple long-sleeved t-shirt and threw on a scarf. I like the subtle elephant pattern of this scarf.

elephant scarf

Nothing says spring like a trench coat. I threw a patterned coat (also from an exchange) over my outfit. It color-coordinated and introduced another pattern, which I like.

spring trench coat


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4 responses to “Faux Suede Skinny Jeans

  1. Great outfit. Just from the picture those pants look soft and comfy. Great find. I love your scarf too.

  2. Love this outfit! beautiful scarf and the pants fit like a faux leather glove! The jacket is gorgeous! ❤

  3. Jean! Wow, thanks for all the blog love! I am seriously considering doing the buzz for the rest of my days. I love my hair long and yet it is such a bugger sometimes. But the buzz is so fast and I need fast the older I get — cuz it seems I am always late for everything now days. Thanks for the vote of confidence on kick this dang cancer!! I love the quote from Dr. Buys that “you will survive!”. Man that is super to have a doctor with that confidence. Great chatting with you again!!!! ♥, Renae

    • I mean it! LOVE the look! And having hair that short (besides being easy to get ready) makes it great to color too. You’d never have damaged hair and you could change colors whenever you want. Although your natural silver is very elegant!

      Between your great attitude, healthy diet, supportive family, and skilled medical team, you’ve got this 🙂

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