Eggplant Cowl Neck T

Is this eggplant? Plum? Wine? I’m not really sure how to describe the color of my shirt, but I do like it.

eggplant top

Top: Best Kept Secret sample store
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Cuff: Trailer Park Gypsy (on Etsy)

It’s super soft and has a nice, drapey, cowl neckline. It goes with so much, but today I wore it with a dark-rinse denim.

wine and denim

I cannot believe how my garden exploded! One day, it’s all bare earth; the next, I’m in a jungle. Unfortunately the weeds are also out of control. And since my dog hangs out here–and we have crow and rabbit visitors–I refuse to use herbicides. So I pull weeds out one at a time. It’s a good workout though. Doing squats in the garden is better than hanging out in a stuffy gym.

t-shirt and jeans

Do you garden at all? I once thought I was a brown thumb, but with the right mix of hearty plants, even I can help things grow! So far, bleeding hearts, columbines, hostas, and day lilies are coming back with a vengeance!

casual outfit in the garden

I’m linking up to Passion for Fashion and for the first time ever, Fashion Idea Friday and Favorite Fashion Friday!


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11 responses to “Eggplant Cowl Neck T

  1. aaarnold

    Great combo! Thanks for linking up. Your garden looks pretty!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  2. Jean! Your plants are gorgeous! You have the right attitude about gardening. My HM {husband man/handsome man} plants tomatoes, squash, pumpkin and onions every year plus a few others in the mix. He has the green thumb, not me. And this summer I have to be very limited at how much time I am out in the sun {chemo hastens the faster burn factor}. Thanks for being at Fashion item Friday {*FiF*} and it has been great getting to know you more this week. Yay! ♥, Renae

    • oh and yes, ‘eggplant’ is the perfect name for that color.

    • Thank you! I enjoy the garden and I don’t want to create something so high maintenance that I dread it. Growing food is a great idea! I grew tomatoes and peppers last year (and I’m doing it again this year). They’re easy to grow but I didn’t count them in my list because they’re annuals that need to be replanted every year. The lilies behind me came back all on their own! Still, planning a tomato plant is not a lot of work compared to the payoff! I had tomatoes every day for weeks last year!

      I enjoyed linking up and discovering new blogs. Great to know more about you too!

  3. WOW! What a great color.

  4. Hi I LOVE your blog!
    If you are in need of any luxury designer pieces come see me at London Couture in Tacoma! we specialize in luxury consignment 🙂

    • Oh my! Yes! I’ve just been looking around your site. That Helmut Lang dress is to die for! You can bet I’ll be by one of these weekends. Thanks for commenting. Tacoma isn’t far and now I have another reason to visit!

  5. I don’t own anything in ‘eggplant’ and you are making the color very tempting :). Thank you for stopping by pret-a-vivre, have a fabulous weekend!

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