Embroidered Tunic and Patterned Pants

I’m finally wearing the patterned pants and embroidered top I bought at Bébénoir, together, as an outfit. I’ve worn the pants and I’ve worn the top, but this is the first time I paired them. I put them together at the request of my mom, who has the same pieces. She wanted a picture of me wearing this outfit for a blog post she recently published.

patterned pants

I love both pieces and I was happy to oblige. especially happy, since I’ve confirmed my summer trip to NYC. I’ll be meeting my parents there again this year! See, I bought both pieces in New York, and these items remind me of our wonderful 2013 trip to the Big Apple.

embroidered top

For the 2014 trip, you can bet we’ll be back at Bébénoir. We had fun shopping there–and it was just around the corner from our apartment. How convenient! Don’t tell anyone, but we may have made more than a few trips to the boutique. The sales associates were wonderful, and I can now say I’ve shopped where supermodels shop.

cutout back

I love the open back of the top, and the comfort both pieces offer. In the past, I wore these pants with flats, but I think they work well with wedge heels too,

casual look

I’ve joined Monday Bloom and Style Sessions today. See what all the others are wearing!


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2 responses to “Embroidered Tunic and Patterned Pants

  1. Great memories of NYC and I love this outfit! I’ve worn the top with other pants and the pants with a black top; it’s good to mix and match, but I really think this is the best! You look beautiful! This set is my favourite. ❤

    I ❤ NY
    Can't wait!!!

  2. Hi Jean, nice to see new visitors on my blog, hence my discovery of yours! I like your uncluttered look, and the cut of your pants are very flattering!

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