The Return of the Pink Skater Dress

Last year, on my trip to NYC, I saw a cute skater dress. However, it was in Old Navy–and I didn’t fly across the country to shop in a national chain! When I got back from my trip, I found the dress at my local store (no sense filling my suitcase with things I can buy at home).

This year, I packed my skater dress for my trip to NYC. It made its east coast debut in Chelsea.

skater dress and boots

Dress: Old Navy
Pleather boots: Diba (from DSW)
Purse: Crystalyn Kae
Cuff: Brooklyn Flea

I packed light this year. Four dresses, four pair of shoes, a skirt, a pair of pants, two tank tops and a cardigan. Not bad for two weeks away! However, no matter how light I pack, I can always go lighter–especially when travelling to a shopping mecca like NY! I bought 10 dresses on my trip (many at thrift shops) so I could have arrived with an empty suitcase. By the time my trip wrapped up, I had a wardrobe that would last all season!

posing in Marimekko

I wore this dress to my appointment at Ted Gibson Salon. I thought having my hair cut in The Big Apple would be a treat. Ted Gibson (from What Not to Wear) was out of my price range, but his stylist Sherilyn did a great job.

My parents joined me on the trip again this year. My mom has been much better about blogging about the trip, so check out her latest post (my skater dress makes an appearance–and she has one in houndstooth).

Oh, and the cuff? Genuine made-in-Brooklyn artistry at work. It’s made from a fork!

fork cuff

Stay tuned for more posts from New York–my favorite home away from home.

I’m linking up with Fashion Informant today. Check out what al the others are wearing!


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9 responses to “The Return of the Pink Skater Dress

  1. Wow! That is amazing! I LOVE NYC!! Best place to shop ever! I was there over the summer but ha a super tight schedule so I didn’t buy anything. Need to go back soon! Love the skater dress!

  2. Very cute and a perfectly fitting dress! Love your tatts too.
    I’ve been following your mom and see that you also live in Seattle as I do so I thought I’d pop on over and check out your blog.
    That fork bracelet is a stunner. I bought one on Etsy a couple of years ago but it’s plain and doesn’t have a stone in it like yours. Love it!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’ve checked out your blog too and I like it! Your garden is beautiful and you’re a very skilled DIY/upcycling restyler!

      When I was young, I got small tattoos in places where no one (read: corporate America) would see them. Now that I’m older (42) and established in my career (in a field that doesn’t mind that I have visible tattoos), I’m not concerned about showing them.

      I couldn’t resist the unique bracelet when I saw it for sale…

  3. You look wonderful in this color! And I love the boots with it; perfect!

  4. Very pretty! Sorry I ended up missing you! I ended up having a bad stomach week that week (it goes back and forth now) so I mostly stayed home. I look forward to seeing your NYC posts.

    • No worries, Jesse. I didn’t want to bug you and figured if you were up to it, you’d reach out. I’m glad you have good weeks now. Hang in there.

      • Hi Jesse!

        We missed you while in NYC and thought of you, especially while in Brooklyn. Foodswings is gone but we had our photo taken by the old bathtub in the street and you are missing 😦 (see Jean’s post about Brooklyn).

        Hope you’re feeling better. dear; you’re too nice to be sick!

        ❤ carmen

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