Blue and White Hi-low Dress

I found this dress at a clothing exchange recently. I love grabbing items I might not otherwise try. It’s a no-risk investment. Turns out, I like the cut of this dress–but if I ever change my mind, I’ll bring it back to another exchange.

hi-low dress

Dress: Swapped
Belt: Florida shop
Sunglasses: Flea market in Florida
Shoes: Payless
Rubber bracelets: eBay

I added a belt I already had so this dress would have a bit of definition at the waist. And so things weren’t too predictable, my red wedges made an appearance. Red, white, and blue. I should have worn this on the 4th of July!

swapped dress

When I wear my white sunglasses, I’m reminded of Kurt Cobain–I recall pictures of him wearing a similar pair. When the world lost Cobain, I was still living in Toronto. Who knew just a few years later, I’d be in Seattle? A little too late to enjoy the grunge scene, but it’s a great city nonetheless.

red, white and blue

Oh, I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I’m linking up with The Life of the Party, Lena B Actually, The Penniless Socialite, and Simple Sequins. See what all the others are wearing!



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4 responses to “Blue and White Hi-low Dress

  1. You look amazing Jean! The dress is beautiful: the print, the colour, the style. Looks great with white sunglasses and red shoes. I love red shoes! If you change you mind, just ship it to me and I’ll pay the postage! But wait till the next 4th of July, you really must wear it for that occasion. 🙂

    Happy Sunday ❤

  2. Great Jean! Thank you for being a part of Fashion item Friday! Doesn’t matter if you are joining “not on a Friday” cuz you aren’t late until it is closed and you can’t get in, just like a store. lol

    I love that dress! I am in the market for dresses now that chemo has left the building!!!

    ♥, Renae

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