Mini Dress with Sleeves

I’m wearing a mini dress with three-quarter sleeves today. I’m enjoying the sun and warmth while I still can!

mini dress

Dress: Purdy Girl
Belt: Steve Madden
Shoes: Cri de Coeur

I found this number at a shop in New York’s Upper West Side when I visited in August. It was half off an I couldn’t resist. The waves in blue, purple and gold drew my eye. It’s got a light background, but strong colors.

NYC dress

I added a turquoise belt and gold platforms. I bet I can wear this with leggings and boots when the weather gets cool.

summer dress

Today, though, cooler weather was not on my mind! I had a nice pedicure last week for a wedding I was in and I intend to show off my toes until it starts to rain.

Cri de Coeur

I hope you have great days ahead too!


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8 responses to “Mini Dress with Sleeves

  1. Nice unique dress find from your NYC trip. I love it. Love the gold shoes and the pedi. I’m treating myself to my second pedi ever this weekend. I’m hoping to stretch sandals wearing season for a few more weeks so best if I have nice toes.

  2. Emy Will

    Pretty and clever that it is adress for all seasons 🙂

  3. So glad you got this dress Jean, a very pretty look and I’m sure it will look fabulous with leggings and boots. ❤

  4. Your dress is adorable! I love the longer sleeves with the shorter length, as well as the colors in it.

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