Black and Gray Tunic and Leggings

Here’s another #tbt (Throwback Thursday) post. It’s an outfit I just wore last week, but the picture was taken last fall. Sometimes my posts-to-pictures ratio gets out of whack and I find myself with a surplus. And since this I still a look I like, I’m sharing it today.

black and gray

Top: ecoSkin
Leggings: Victoria’s Secret
Boots: DSW
Purse: Susan Nicole

I got this tunic when I was in New York last year. It’s by ecoSkin, a “green” clothing company from California that uses environmentally friendly fabrics and strives to be earth-conscious and minimize their carbon footprint. I’ve seen people wear this as a top, but I think they might have been shorter than me. For me, this is the perfect tunic, so I paired it with black leggings and tall boots.

eco-friendly outfit

My boots are half pleather and half neoprene (scuba material) so they have a nice, snug fit without being tight. I’m always on the lookout for great vegan shoes and boots–surprisingly, there are lots (just look into my shoes closet and you’ll see).

vegan boots and purse

I won–yes won–this amazing Susan Nicole bag at last year’s Walk for Farm Animals. Of all the raffle items, this was my favorite and as luck would have it, I won! Susan Nicole makes an amazing line of vegan leather, eco-conscious handbags.

comfy fall look

I do love the comfort of leggings and the look of boots, even though I’m not one of the people who can’t wait for fall. I mourn the end of summer each year. But fall is a good time to start plotting a winter getaway!


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9 responses to “Black and Gray Tunic and Leggings

  1. Great outfit. Perfect colours for Autumn. Although I don’t see too many Fall colours in the trees. I guess that’s one of the benefits of living near the coast.
    Since getting my first pair of tall riding boots I’m really digging this look.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • The leaves have just started to turn colors. However, they don’t call Washington the Evergreen State for nothing! A lot of plants (rhodies, camellia, ferns, and of course pines) stay green all year long!

      I’m glad you bought a pair of riding boots. They’re so fun!

  2. geoff

    I love the long boots….why cant us men wear long boots and legging……you look lovely…x

    • Thanks Geoff! Such double standards. I think everybody should be able to wear riding boots. A few men do, but they have to be brave about it because it’s not “the norm.” Such a classic style. I wish more men (outside the riding circuit) would wear them.

  3. geoff

    I wear them most days under trousers (pants)…..I live the feel of having my leg encased in leather. I see women wearing boots and am so envious…x

  4. Great outfit Jean and I was there when you bought the tunic, wish I had bought one too. You look fabulous! ❤

  5. I love the ecoskin tunic.Leggings and tunics are always a big favourite for me.

  6. That is a really nice size bag! Congrats to you for winning! I’m the same way about summer – I try to hold off on fall clothes for as long as possible!

  7. Love this outfit! That tunic is perfect with leggings and riding boots.

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