Endless Summer

I don’t like fall. There. I said it. All my friends are celebrating the changing leaves and sweater weather with pumpkin spice lattés and I’m having none of it! Seattle had a terrific summer. Warm, but not humid. Sunny but not hot. Mid 80s from May through September. I could count the rainy days on one hand. Even now, it’s not time for a coat.

orange and blue

Top: Thrifted
Jeans: Banana Republic
Shoes: H&M
Belt: Steve Madden

If I had my way, it would be summer forever. Sure the autumn colors are pretty but the days are getting shorter and the nights are cool. Winter will be here soon, and that bums me out.

thrifted top

These photos are from a month or so ago, when I was enjoying my backyard oasis. I still hang out there with my dog, but the garden has faded. My top, however, is still bright.

balancing act

I bought this at a thrift store–despite it being two sizes too big. I just couldn’t resist the little shoe pattern! For my first attempt, I belted it. I might take it in at the waist–or maybe completely transform it into a skirt, a scarf, who knows?

shoe pattern

Such a big, busy top needed a simple, streamlined bottom so I wore skinny jeans and nude ballet flats.

I’ll be switching to fall clothes soon, but I’ll cope. I’m counting down the days till spring!

I’m joining The Penniless Socialite for Favorite Fashion Friday, and Rachel the Hat for Passion for Fashion. See what the others are wearing!


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17 responses to “Endless Summer

  1. Amy Ann

    My parents lived in Washington for a brief time. The summers were so beautiful I can understand why you don’t want it to end! Love the polka dots. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  2. Cute, colourful top and adding a belt and wearing it with skinnies makes a great outfit. You look very stylish!

    Summer is without a doubt my favourite season too. I do feel a little melancholy as the leaves turn red and gold, and fall to the ground. It’s the shorter days that make me sad and knowing that winter is around the corner that makes it so depressing. I love winter–if it was shorter, like one month. 🙂

    • A one-month winter would be perfect! I have to admit, snow and lights at Christmas are so pretty. Then it can all go away! Winters here are mild and it’s easier to drive in rain than snow. I should count my blessings!

  3. I love that first photos! And belting doesn’t always work on oversized items, but it darn sure worked here; this is great!

    I love layers so I do love fall fashion, but I hate the constant rain and the early darkness of fall and winter.

    • The belt worked! I agree that it’s not always the answer. I love long days and lots of light, so that’s another reason I’m sad to see summer end. I was in the mall yesterday though and I agree that fall clothes are fun and cozy.

  4. Despite being one of the fall lovers, I totally get where you are coming from. I hate the shortening days and the thought of the upcoming winter. This summer (and fall!) has been spectacular! I live in Vancouver, Canada, and we got spoiled this year with weeks and weeks of sunshine.
    Great outfit, I really love the colour and print of the top!

    • I do love fall colors! The leaves are starting to turn and they look gorgeous. I think I’m still recovering from years of long, cold Toronto winters – ha! Like Vancouver, Seattle winters aren’t so bad. I will learn to embrace it so it won’t see so long.

      Thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the top!

  5. Glad to see you are soaking up every last bit of Summer and your outfit and actions prove that. Are you doing the happy Summer dance?

    I’m with you. Please Summer, don’t end!

    LOVE you outfit.

  6. I agree – I’d prefer summer forever! I get horrible allergies in the fall and I hate having to layer and wear a jacket, coat, hat, gloves, scarf, etc. I love the red watering can to match your shirt.

  7. Being from the land of endless heat and horrid humidity, I am thrilled about the change of season. I am so thrilled to not have to drive to & from work with the newspaper wedged in my window! That being said, this summer went pretty well compared to last year. I can see why locals are not happy to see it go. Also, your pictures were pretty cute! 😉

    • I agree that fall is better than triple digits and humidity! I think I have a knee-jerk reaction to autumn because of all the long, Canadian winters I suffered through. Then again, when it was super hot, I’d have to resort to my “driving sleeve” (a cut-off, white legging leg over my left arm to avoid sunburn). LOL! I’m never happy!

  8. I love how you match your red top with your jeans, really a great outfit for spring/summer by the way I think this are your famous pink flats that “matches” with your color of skin and people thinks that you are walking barefeet, am I right ? 😉

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