Tent-striped Skirt for Fall

Here’s another #tbt to last fall. One of the few outfits I neglected to post.

black and white skirt

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Roots Canada
Pleather boots: DSW
Scarf: Gift from Marion
Ring: Gift from Mom
Vinyl bag: Snap Designs

I loved the wide, black and white stripes on this skirt (yes I got the same one in a cat pattern–I just couldn’t decide). This one had a dramatic, circus-tent look.

all black with stripes

To offset the dramatic pattern, I wore all black. But I still needed to inject a bit of color into my look. I chose a lovely mauve scarf that my aunt sent me all the way from Germany. My yellow bag is the complementary shade to purple so they work well together.

purple and yellow accents

Last fall was the point when my hair was the longest it’s been in a decade. I’ve had pixies and bobs and finally got it this long before getting trim after trim until my hair is short again. I can never decide!

long hair




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4 responses to “Tent-striped Skirt for Fall


    Beetlejuice! 🙂
    But such a classic colour combo. Love it.

  2. Too funny. I never would have thought of calling it a tent skirt until you mentioned it. It looks great. The mauve scarf is amazing and paired with the pop of yellow…. I LOVE it!

  3. You look fantastic in every hairstyle and with all the changes during these few years of blogging, never a boring look! Beautiful scarf, I have the same one in blue. Good timing for this post, Marion and and her daughter are visiting, they follow your blog all the time!

    Love the bold black and white stripes! ❤

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