Splurge vs Steal: Boots Edition

A few years ago, I found a pair of black leather Louboutins at a consignment shop. They were still expensive, but much more within reach than a new pair. I bought them. I also liked that since they weren’t new, I could buy them (I’d been staying away from new leather since I went vegan in 2000).

Well, I’ve had a change of heart. I don’t even wear used leather now because there are so many alternatives and I prefer to support vegan companies like Cri de Coeur and Novacas.

So I sold my Louboutins, along with my pre-owned Manolos, a couple of pair of Jimmy Choos, and some Fluevogs. With my windfall, I started replacing my shoes. The first pair I found were dead-ringers for the booties I’d sold. Have a look:

Louboutins vs DSW brand

Audrey Brook might not be a coveted brand or household word, and they don’t have a trademark red sole, but they fit well, are made of synthetic material, and cost 5% of a pair of new Louboutins. Yes, they were $50 (the Louboutins were $995 new).

The new ones aren’t quite as high, but that’s fine with me. Weather you stay away from leather or are just looking for not spend all your rent money on a pair of shoes, these will do the trick!


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5 responses to “Splurge vs Steal: Boots Edition

  1. I stopped buying leather and have many non-leather shoes, but I still wear my old leather shoes. Unlike your expensive brand shoes, I wouldn’t get any money if I tried to sell mine, they’d be thrown away.

    I used to think leather was a byproduct until I read your post. Now I know I am supporting a cruel industry if I continue to buy leather, wool etc. Also, I NEVER bought or wore fur because it is animal skin, yet I never really thought about leather being animal skin too. Funny how we compartmentalise things until we really give it some thought.


    We don’t eat dogs, but we eat pigs? I wouldn’t buy fur, but I wear leather? It really doesn’t make sense.

    I like what you wrote in “what’s wrong with leather” … “There are lots of cruelty-free leather alternatives.” ❤

    • I’m glad you don’t buy leather anymore and I do agree that since you already have leather shoes, why add them to landfill. I know others who still wear their leather but replace worn out pieces with cruelty-free versions bit by bit.

      Isn’t it funny how we think so differently about leather and fur? Cows are hairy! It’s just that the leather tanning process removes the fur from cowhides. Same thing, really. I think because people also eat cows, the leather doesn’t seem as bad. But would eating a mink make a fur coat ethical? No!

      • One difference between leather and fur, I wouldn’t wear an old fur coat (if I had one) but the reason I still wear my old leather shoes is because you can’t tell the difference from my non-leather shoes by looking at them. I will wear them till they wear out, but real fur is definitely noticeable and promotes the fur industry.

        I concur, eating the animal does not make it ethical to wear the skin or fur of the slaughtered animal.

        Fashion with compassion! ❤

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