Lucite Heels and a Wrap Dress

When I say lucite heels, you might picture plastic soles from the ’70s, like these:

goldfish shoes

Or maybe your mind went to a clear heel of the exotic dancer variety, like these:

stripper shoes

But I bet you didn’t think of a wearable shoe like the ones I recently bought:

qupid shoes

I wore my faux-leather, clear-heeled sandals with a purple Hawaiian floral patterned wrap dress I bought in NYC this past summer.

wrap dress

Tank top: Swapped
Pleather shoes: Qupid
Vegan leather purse: Shiraleah

Hawaiian pattern dress

I think the look is elegant and appropriate for the fashion show I attended with Mr. Jean of all trades at Neiman Marcus. (Click to enlarge.) The show was fun, but it was full of wool, leather and even fur. Boo for that. One ray of hope is that Stella McCartney’s fabric purses adorned many of the models. The world is slowly changing.

fashion show collage

Here are a few other transparent-heeled shoes I have my eye on (these are all by Cri de Coeur, one of my favorite ethical shoe brands):

Cri de Coeur collage

Have you considered clear heels? If so, I know a shop where you can get a matching, vintage purse!

Oh, I’m joining Style Elixir for a link-up. See what everyone else is wearing!


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4 responses to “Lucite Heels and a Wrap Dress

  1. Gorgeous dress Jean (looks great with the shoes). So glad I bought one too. I wore it last week and will do a post soon. Love your hair! ❤

  2. WOW, what a great look. First thing I noticed was you hair. It looks great. Cute dress with the accents colours in the tank and purse. And your shoes make it look like your standing on your tip toes when in fact you are just standing comfortably.
    As for buying a pair of these heels, I’ve worn heels in the past but I don’t think heels work for me anymore.

    • Thanks Brian! The shoes do create an optical illusion. I like heels but usually wear ones with a bit of a hidden platform so the heel isn’t as high as it looks. These really are tall so they’re not the best walking around shoes.

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