Basketweave Shirt and Skinny Jeans

I get so many clothes at clothing exchanges, thrift stores, or clearance racks. But I paid full price for this shirt. It’s from Damselfly, a little shop in Seattle and was quite reasonable.

basketweave shirt

Top: Damselfly
Jeans: Betabrand
Jacket: Forever 21
Boots: DSW

I wore this hi-low top with skinny jeans. On it’s own, it’s a pretty pattern, with nice colors. I toughened it up with studded boots and a faux leather jacket. It was the perfect casual weekend outfit for a wine-tasting with jeans

These studded boots are becoming part of my uniform. I wore them constantly in New York (with bare legs and dresses) and now I’m choosing them over other shoes with pants. I liked them so much, I went back to DSW and bought a backup pair! It’s not often I find comfortable, stylish vegan shoes for such a great price! When I need a replacement, DSW might not carry them anymore, but now I’m set!

jacket and boots

I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this jacket too. It was from Forever 21–nothing groundbreaking–but it’s got a neat combination of faux leather sleeves and fabric bodice.

go-to look

Do you have a go-to look?



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3 responses to “Basketweave Shirt and Skinny Jeans

  1. Very cool look! Love the moto, with the skinny jeans, and the colorful plaid top.
    Dawn Lucy

  2. Love how you often pair tough and pretty for a casual look. This blouse is lovely, one I would have bought too.

    Your great grandmother (Oma’s mom) did the same thing: buy backups for when something wears out because the stores won’t have the same item anymore. In fact, people used to comment how she keeps her shoes looking like new (but she didn’t tell them it was the replacement she was wearing LOL). 🙂

  3. Great look, you’re rocking it.
    Glad you have a back-up pair of boots. Good thinking!

    Merry Christmas!

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