White Jeans and Silver Sequins

I’m breaking all the rules! Sequins for day? White for winter? I say go for it!

white jeans

Sweater: Gifted (thanks Mom!)
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Boots: Cri de Coeur

It was a bit chilly, but I can’t complain. The only white in this photo are my jeans–not snow! I like white for winter (as long as the slush doesn’t dirty your hems). I think it works well when the fabric is weighty enough (think knits and denim and heavier items). I’ll save thin, sheer fabrics for warmer weather.

silver sweater

My sweater has subtle, silver sequins but because it’s a slouchy top, not a tailored, evening piece, I don’t mind wearing it during the day. In fact, I think it’s too casual for an evening out.

denim and sequins

Are you a rule-breaker too?


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3 responses to “White Jeans and Silver Sequins

  1. Haha, rules are made to be broken! I agree, the white jeans are MUCH better than snow, although the glitter in your top reminds me of what it is like when it is snowing. As for being “chilly outside” it’s all relative.

    Great look, thanks for sharing….and oh ya. I break fashion rules too.

  2. You sparkle in that sweater, looks great with your white jeans. I agree, it’s a daytime look and as long as there are no puddles or salty slush, why not brighten up dreary winter days? I break rules too, if I like something. There are enough rules we have in traffic (which are necessary) but who needs fashion police? Well, actually, after watching “What Not to Wear” in Seattle with you, I think some people do look better with a little advice. 😉

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