Stripes and Dots

Here’s a #TBT (Throwback Thursday) post for ya, taken about a year ago (before I stopped growing out my hair and started snipping it bit by bit until it was short again). I don’t mind posting this so late because I plan on wearing this tomorrow. It still works.

black and white

Sweater: Thrifted
Skirt: Ililana (via flea market)
Tights: Roots Canada
Faux suede booties: Old Navy
Pleather cuff: Etsy

I enjoy pattern mixing (is that still a thing?), especially when the look is monochrome. If everything is black and white, it has to work! Here, I paired a well-work black and white striped sweater with a Swiss dot wrap-around circle skirt.

stripes and dots

I love adding a pop of color and I thought the red cuff did the trick. I read recently that some clueless company in Norway made their female employees wear red bracelets during “that time of the month” so managers would know why they were taking extra bath room breaks. Ridiculous! Talk about TMI and “none of your business.: Well for better or worse, I think about that story whenever I reach for this bracelet. Then, I often decide not to wear it. Well, this is purely a fashion statement. I am discouraged to hear of such backward practices from an otherwise forward-thinking nation.

pattern mixing

Back to the outfit! I bought this skirt at a flea market in Brooklyn. It was new, from a company called Ililanga, but I can’t find them online anywhere. I guess you’ll have to go to Brooklyn to see their collection of skirts and dresses. I like the length and shape but I think a midi needs to be worn with heels–so that’s what I did.

I’ve joined a linkup at Fashion Should be Fun. See what everyone else is wearing!


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8 responses to “Stripes and Dots

  1. i love love love polka dots! cute outfit!!

  2. A great pattern mix outfit! You look Parisian, very cute. I love the pop of red too, but I’m appalled to read the article of the Norwegian company that make women wear red bracelets during their period: despicable and rude!

    Not only is it TMI and nobody’s business, but I know there are pregnant women who use the washroom more often, menopausal women with leaky bladders that have to use the washroom more often and ALSO some men who have bladder issues and go frequently to the WC. So how about they make these people wear them too. SHEESH!!

    • You’re right — the black and white and stripes give this a Parisian feel! And yes, talk about TMI. How rude! I think here, people would sue over that. Luckily, I think this was just a one-off (out of touch) company.

  3. Love the stripes with the dots! Super cute look and thanks so much for linking up with Fun Fashion Friday!
    Dawn Lucy

  4. Oh wowowowow! I would have never known how to pull off stripes+dots! You did an handsome job here, you’re very talented at styling your outfits 😀 And I literally can’t believe the story about the red bracelets. This is ridiculous, I hope that the employees did not agree on wearing them! Such a shame :/ It reminds me of women in some Africa regions: they are not allowed to enter the house when they have their periods. This can’t be happening in Northern Europe (it shouldn’t be happening in Africa as well, but you get the point.)
    Anyway, thank you for letting me know about this story, I’ll go read the article you linked now!
    Elisa of styleBizarre – Kickass Conscious Style

    • Thanks for writing! I think the big stripes and little dots is part of why it works. They don’t compete for attention 🙂 Isn’t that workplace story crazy? I totally get your point. This discrimination shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere (but sometimes we don’t expect it to happen in certain places). Well, I’m glad you stopped by. Love your blog and what you do!

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