Do You Wear a Uniform?

I recently read an article about an art director who ditched her creative wardrobe in lieu of a “uniform.” Not a uniform like a flight attendant or bus driver, but a go-to outfit. This woman worked in a creative field and was allowed to wear whatever she liked, but the time hit of finding the perfect thing to wear every day was too much. She simplified.

Her look: black trousers and a white blouse. She bought 15 white blouses and a few pair of pants and that was that.

There’s something appealing about skipping the morning panic of “what do I wear?” and changing seven times before heading out the door. But such a simple look would get boring. I have a better idea.

I would pick a few pair of pants in neutrals: black, gray, tan, denim. I’d gets tops in a few different colors, and add to them a couple of blazers and a cardigan. I’d still be able to get dressed quickly (in the dark even) because all the tops and bottoms would go together. I’d have endless combinations and never get bored.

Or, I would gather up 20 work-appropriate dresses–one for each workday in a month. Dresses are simple, one-piece, and polished. I’d wear them with tights in winter and bare-legged in summer. They’d work with boots and flats and sandals or whatever my mood dictated.

There are a lot of options, depending on the work climate and dress codes, that are more interesting than plain black and white. Still, the article gave me food for thought.

Do you have a uniform or go-to outfit. Could you (or would you) wear the same thing to work all the time?


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4 responses to “Do You Wear a Uniform?

  1. And what would you do with the rest of your fabulous wardrobe? Uniforms may be simple to get dressed in the morning when you’re in a hurry, but I like your idea better–20 dresses. I don’t think I have 20 dresses, but that is a simple way, like you said: one piece and polished.

    Target closed its doors today forever! So sad, see my post. 😦


    Sweet! Your new haircut is awesome too 🙂

  3. Bob

    You and your Mom are so creative……never a thoughtless moment I am sure. Thank you both.

  4. I wear a uniform. When I feel pretty or confortable with my uniform, I keep wearing it till next season. I must say, I have three or four uniforms

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