Flouncy Skirt and Turquoise Tank

Here’s my first H2T outfit from Germany. I picked up this flouncy skirt at an outdoor art market in Berlin. I was drawn to the 70’s, Pucci-inspired print and great colors. It’s a great travel piece too. It packs small and doesn’t wrinkle. I met the designer herself—another reason why I liked the piece. I was supporting a small, local business.

turquiose top

Top: Tranquillo
Cardi: Thrifted
Skirt: Karo und Punkte
Shoes: Aerosoles
Jewelry: Markets in Berlin

Later in my trip, I found this terrific tank. It’s designed by a German company, made in India, and is fair trade. I loved the asymmetrical woven details on one shoulder.

flouncy skirt

Next to Karo und Punkte at the market, I saw a vendor selling this neat puzzle-piece necklace. My mom got one as well. I forgot to check to see if the pieces fit together. I bet they do.

silver jewelry

Also in Berlin, at the Mauer Park flea market, I met a wonderful vendor who sells silver jewelry from Turkey. I bought three rings from her, two of which you can see here.

summer outfit

It’s funny how when I’m not trying to buy an entire outfit, all the pieces just come together.



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10 responses to “Flouncy Skirt and Turquoise Tank

  1. WOW!!! This is one amazing outfit! The top matches perfectly as if it was bought together. I will be styling my top with a skirt I already have and it happens to match. The puzzle piece pendant is unique–hey! can I help it if we have the same taste sometimes? Wish I had bought a skirt too but I was afraid my carry-on suitcase wouldn’t hold anymore on the way back to Stuttgart.

    I ❤ your style!!

  2. Wow! The print on that skirt is so neat, I love it. The woven shoulder on your top, STELLAR, and your jewelry pieces are so unique. LOVE the jigsaw puzzle necklace.

  3. Jean, I live in Seattle too and always wonder who does your hair?

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