The Grand Opening

I opened my store, Drizzle & Shine, a few weeks ago and it’s been quite a ride! I’ve had a lot of fun meeting like-minded people and sharing the store’s mission with people who stumble on the store as they walk to and from work, home, and shopping.

my store.png

The grand opening was really busy–just the kick start the store needed. People came by all afternoon and browsed, shopped, and asked questions. We had snacks and raffles and it was a fun day.


I’m lucky to also have my first employee (with another in the works). I can’t work every day. Even though the store might not be busy enough for a large staff yet, I need downtime too!

I’ll still be blogging, and I will be showing off the wares that I carry in Drizzle & Shine, like the Synergy shirt dress I wore to the grand opening), but I might not blog a lot. Having a brand new store takes up a lot of my time! I enjoy it and hope you can visit when you’re in Seattle.




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17 responses to “The Grand Opening

  1. Congrats Jean for your new store ! I am pretty sure you will have a lot of success, because you concept is original and you put all your love and effort to make your dream true. I hope one day I will be able to visit Seattle and your store and get some nice organic shirts and a pair of vegan flats.

    Have a nice day


  2. Ohhhh, if I come out to the PNW, I sure will come for a visit! I love a store with great ethics!!

  3. KUDOS!! More than any other achievement, it makes me immensely happy that you are working towards making this world a better place for people and animals! I am so looking forward to shopping at your store in September! ❤

  4. I love that big poster of the cow! Here’s one I saw in a furniture store. ❤

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