A family visit

(Originally published at Fashionable over Fifty)

Our family: Jonathan, Jean, mom, dad, Daniel

I recently flew into YYZ – Toronto International Airport for a long overdue visit to see my family.

However, it didn’t feel like I was going home.

You see, since I’d last visited, both my brothers and my parents moved to new houses. When I landed in Toronto, I rented a car and followed my map app to an unfamiliar place: the beautiful town of Kincardine.

My parents’ gorgeous new house could be in the pages of a design magazine. It was decorated in cool, calm colors without sacrificing warmth and personality. As soon as I was beyond the foyer, I felt at home.

I had fun exploring their place and settling in. Of course, in true Coburn family fashion, we had a slight hiccup: a kitten rescue. No, not felines. Did you know that baby squirrels are called kittens too?

My parents and I drove a few blocks over to see my brother Jonathan and the mysterious case of the three orphaned baby squirrels who ended up on his lawn. Later, after we determined there was no mother nearby, Jonathan and I drove the young-uns to a wildlife rehabber.

Jonathan is renovating his home. It’s already a contemporary oasis and, with finishing touches, will be a perfect reflection of his personality and lifestyle. And it has a pristine garage for his most-prized possession: his motorcycle.

While in Kincardine, we took a detour to the beach. Kincardine is a beach town and the destination for many visitors across Ontario. The views of Lake Huron at sunset are world-renowned. Across the great expanse of water lies the state of Michigan.

Of course my mom and I did some shopping too. I love supporting local businesses wherever I am. We found a vegan eco boutique with a surf twist (Did I mention it’s a beach town?). I bought a comfy pair of Lyocell joggers by Thread & Supply that I can dress up or down.

Across the way, we perused gift and homeware shops and I found the most unique hanging planter. I knew it would fit in my carry-on so I bought it. 

I also bought a white linen beach cover-up (O’Neill) and a striped dolman top that’s made in Italy.

I relish my dad’s cooking–and the steady flow of coffee–but we did manager to give my dad a break and eat out. My parents and I had a delicious vegan meal at the Bruce, a local brew pub and the place to be on a Saturday night! The Cauliflower tacos were the highlight, but we enjoyed everything we tried.

view from The Bruce outside patio

Wandering around the quaint town made me realize why my parents ditched the rat race for their new, peaceful oasis. I was on holiday, and it felt like it. Kincardine lets them experience that chill vacation feeling every day. My dad and I explored hiking trails that connect their backyard to the beach. On a nice day, the mile-long walk to the water is effortless. And the wind blowing through the trees is both eerie and calming.

Daniel and his family also live nearby. We visited him and toured his new place too while I was in Ontario. He has a lovely place with soaring ceilings and a peaceful backyard.

I was so happy to see everyone again–including a nephew I had not even met until this visit. I got caught up with what everyone has been up to but I’m already planning my next trip — back home.

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  1. What an awesome time! Thank you for sharing your vacation in Kincardine! It was so kind of you and Jonathan to care for the kittens! I never knew that baby squirrels are called “kittens” – now I know! ❤️

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