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Remixing clothes for different seasons.

Mini Dress for Winter

I wore this mini dress in the summer with bare legs and sandals. Well, the grass is green in Seattle but it’s much too cold for bare legs now. So I added tights and booties and swapped out the turquoise belt for a neutral gunmetal.

summer dress with tights

Dress: Purdy Girl
Tights: Roots Canada
Shoes: Old Navy
Belt: Marshall’s
Earrings: Gifted

The dress is a light color and fabric so I worried about the sweater tights and faux suede booties being too heavy, but because of the bits of black and navy in the pattern, it works.

patterned dress

It’s not in these pictures, but after I threw on a fabric moto jacket, the balance was even better.

3/4 sleeved dress

I like getting lots of use out of the pieces I buy, and I’m glad this dress works for all seasons. Next time I wear it, I’ll play with color more. Maybe hot pink tights! Until then, I’ll have fun with things just the way they are.

fun pose


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Houndstooth Dress Two Ways

I love houndstooth. It’s such a classic pattern I doubt it will ever go out of style.

I thought I’d style my new dress a couple of different ways so see if I could make my dress look fresh. First, I wore bright blue shoes and a black cardigan.

blues shoes and houndstooth

Dress: H&M
Cardigan: Target
Faux Suede Shoes: Payless
Vegan Purse: Crystalyn Kae

Then, I tried the opposite: A blue cardi and black shoes, er, boots.

blue cardi and dress

Cardigan: Target
Pleather and Neoprene Boots: DSW

The boots help take my dress into fall. Next up: Tights and a jacket. I think I could even wear a turtleneck under this dress and mix up the look even more.


I’m joining Visible Monday for a link-up today. See what all the others are wearing!


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T-shirt Dress with Mustard Tights

Here’s another examples of a summer dress adapted for fall. I’ve done this so much that my winter dresses aren’t getting any use. I’d better start wearing them soon or they’ll start feeling left out!
mustard tights

Cardigan: Thrifted
Dress: Damselfly
Tank top: Old Navy
Belt: Lulu’s
Tights: Target
Boots: MIA

I’ve worn these tights before and liked them so I wanted to wear them again. They’re bright, but I find they go with lots of things. And I’m a fan of adding color to an outfit. Tights are sometimes the easiest way to do that.

cardi and t-shirt dress

I realized that when I last wore this dress (in summer), I was in New York (you can see me wearing it in the last photo, along with my mom). Even though it was warm out, I paired the dress with these exact boots. They were comfortable and we walked a lot that day.

boots and tights

This time, I belted the dress though, to give it (or rather, me) more shape.

I’ve joined The Pleated Poppy and Transatlantic Blonde for blog linkups today. Have a look at what other bloggers are wearing. And since it’s a busy time of year, remember to breathe deeply, make time for yourself, and enjoy the season!


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Turquoise Cardigan and Patterned Dress

Here’s another summer dress I’ve worked into my winter wardrobe. I bought this for a summer wedding a few years ago and finally decided to wear it for less formal occasions. Today, I went to work in it. Just like the other summer dress I recently wore, this one has a dark background, making it more wintery.

turquoise cardi

Dress: Boutique in Seattle
Cardigan: Old Navy
Boots: Borrowed
Belt: Madden Girl
Scarf: Thrifted
Clutch: Shiraleah

Step one: Boots. They always make an outfit fit for fall and winter. I borrowed these from a friend while she borrowed a pair of mine.

Boots and dress

Step two: Cardigan. Layering is practical because it keeps you warm, but it covers short sleeves that would otherwise scream “summer.” I belted mine to give this outfit a bit of shape.


Step three: Scarf. I like scarves all year long, but they’re especially nice in cooler weather. They can hide a low neckline and generally add polish to an outfit. I picked a scarf in a small pattern with some of the same colors as the dress. If you’re new to pattern mixing, a scarf is a good place to start.

layers and colors

Do you have any secrets for incorporating summer wear into your winter wardrobe?

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Bright Pink Skater Dress

When I saw this dress in an Old Navy Store in Brooklyn, I wanted to buy it. But I was saving space in my suitcase for things I couldn’t find in Seattle. So as soon as I came home, I popped by my nearest Old Navy and picked one up. I’m glad I waited: They were having a storewide 20% off sale.

pink dress

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Swapped
Shoes: Kimchi via Buffalo Exchange
Necklace: Shop in Fort Lauderdale
Earrings: Shop in Savannah
Hairband: Old Navy

This dress reminds me of something I might wear ice skating–if I were an ice skater from the past. It’s got a neat retro feel. If I had a faux fur handwarmer and a pair of skates on, I think I could convince you! Then again, maybe I couldn’t. When my husband saw me in this he asked why I was dressed like the T-Mobile girl!

black and pink

I layered a cardigan over my sleeveless dress–and I’ll be wearing it with tights soon too. But the nice thing is I’ll be able to wear it in the summer too. I could even layer a shirt or turtleneck under it.

dress with velvet shoes

As I often do, I bought this dress in black too. It was such a comfortable, affordable, versatile item, that I couldn’t resist!

skater dress

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Floral Dress for Fall

I picked up this Tucker for Target dress at a clothing exchange last spring. My friend never wore it because it was too short for her 5′ 11″ frame. I get it! It’s short on me and I’m barely 5′ 7″.

Tucker dress

Dress: Tucker for Target via swapped
Jacket: Swapped
Tights: Target
Pleather boots: MIA
Scarf: DIY
Belt: Swapped

But with tights, I feel covered up. I didn’t wear this with bare legs in the summer, but it’s a fun fall dress. And with the black background, the floral seems seasonally appropriate.

floral and denim

I paired the dress with merlot tights this time. There are so many colors in the dress that I can wear lots of different tights with it: forest or marigold are my two next choices.

outfit details

You might recognize my scarf. It’s one of the DIY t-shirt scarves I made a few years ago. I liked the light blue and how it played with the wine and denim.

Without my jacket, the dress is obviously summery, but I’ll just keep layered and keep on wearing my summer clothes into winter.summer dress

Do you make “out of season” clothes work year-round?

I’m joining two link-ups today: Passion for Fashion at Lena B Actually and Friday’s Fab Favorites at Style Elixir. Check out what everyone else is wearing!


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Springtime Scarf

Considering the official start of summer is tomorrow, I’ll stop posting shots with tights and scarves. The rain did come back today, and tights are not out of the question, but these pictures are a few weeks old. I sold these shoes earlier this week. Proof that I’m sitting on my photos!

jumping for joy

Top: Swapped
Skirt: Swapped
Scarf: Swapped
Tights: Target
Shoes: John Fluevog

I’m happy to have sold them (even though I love that heel) because now I have money for new shoes. I’m replacing all my leather shoes with non-leather ones. Fluevogs do have vegan styles from time to time but nothing intriguing at the moment. Sigh.

thrifty outfit

Other than a shoe splurge that I’ve now partially regained, this is a thrifty outfit. I’m particularly smitten with the scarf. It’s light enough for warmer weather and has a neat combination of colors: olive, wine, yellow and gray.

wine and yellow

I like using a scarf to dress up a t-shirt or other simple look. What accessories are your favs?


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Sandal Weather

It’s not really sandal weather but when it’s not freezing I’ll wear open-toed shoes–and even sandals–in the hope of getting spring to hurry up.


Top: Target
Tank: Old Navy
Pants: Swapped
Shoes: Aerosoles
Scarf: Swapped

It’s still a seasonal transition time though. Sometimes cool, occasionally warm. Lots of rain, and a bit of sun. So I like the idea of layering and being prepared for whatever comes my way.

cropped pants

And this is the first time I’m joining The Sapphire Bee and My thrifty Chic for their weekly Anything and Everything blog Hop. I’m looking forward to participating weekly. A mixed bag of this and that is the MO of Jean of all Trades!


What items do you wear that signal the start of spring?


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Circle Motif Dress

I love circles. When I first moved to Seattle, my bedroom had circles sheets and 45s (little vinyl records) on the wall–to complete the circle motif. There’s something soft and pleasing about their gentle symmetry. Little dots sometimes feel retro in a 1940s and 50s way, but circles are mod and have a 60s feel to them.


Dress: The Frock Shop
Cardi: Thrifted
Boots: MIA
Necklace: Falling Whistles

Here, I’m wearing my circles in the form of a patterned dress.


I liked the unexpected color combination. The red, gray and black make sense, but the brown, which works so well, is unusual. I like wearing several neutrals at the same time (navy and black, or gray and brown), and this pattern takes that idea a step further.

red, gray, black, and brown

I can’t wait until spring when I can ditch the cardi and swap out the boots for sandals.


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Striped Shirt Two ways

This past summer I wore my blue, white and green striped shirt with a denim skirt, denim shorts, and even white jeans. It felt fresh and crisp but I didn’t want to put it away until next spring.

summer look

Top: Mexx
Skirt: Dress Barn

I decided to try a bit of pattern mixing and give this top some fall style so I paired it with a skirt in the same hues, tights and boots. It was then that I realized the lovely, draped neckline was a bit too low-cut for work. So I did what I’ve done before: I wore the top backwards.

draped back

Wearing it backwards gave me a top with a boat neck and a low back. I didn’t mind showing off the back, but a cardigan or jacket covered it nicely.

top with jacket

Jacket: Swapped
Skirt: Eric MacLeod
Tights: Roots Canada
Boots: Wanted
Bracelet and earrings: Claire’s

I was more covered up for work and the top could stay in rotation in my fall wardrobe.

pattern mixing

work top

Do you have any tricks for being work-appropriate or extending summer items into fall?


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