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People I meet walking down the street – who happen to rock a style of their own.

Transitioning into Fall with Shorts

I’m lucky that Seattle weather has been mostly nice this September. It’s a perfect time for shorts and boots–and if it does rain, my feet are covered. My boots are pleather, which makes them almost rainwear.

boots and shorts

Shorts: Ross Dress for Less
Shorts: Calvin Klein via Marshall’s
Boots: MIA
Cuff: Lauren Harkness

Until now, I’d only worn my sheer black and red snakeskin print shirt with black pants. So I thought I’d try a more multicolored look this time. I paired the normally dressy shirt with faded denim shorts and my caramel-colored boots. And since I didn’t wear this to the office, I went bold and ditched the cami.

sheer shirt and denim

I don’t wear shorts and boots a lot but I had fun with this outfit. It’s perfect for errands, a casual lunch, or whatever else the day throws at me.

red, blue and caramel

Do you wear boots and shorts? What’s your go-to seasonal transition look?

I’m joining Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet and Monday Bloom at DC in Style. Have a look at all the other posts!


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Street Style: Gala for the Chimps

One of the highlights of Vida Vegan Con was the gala and silent auction many of us attended on the Saturday evening, smack in the middle of the conference. The gala was an even that raised money for Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, a home for chimps saved from the biomedical industry.

One of the highlights of the gala was seeing everyone dressed so stylishly. I snapped a few pictures. It’s just a sampling of the people in attendance. I wish I could have documented them all.

First I stopped this lovely couple on their way into the event. They aren’t bloggers but they’re friends of bloggers and supporters of the chimp sanctuary. I love her strapless dress, sparkly shoes, and the adorable bow on her belt. His shirt and tie combo is fantastic (nice pattern mixing), and so are his slim-cut trousers and low-profile shoes. cute couple Next I stopped Taylor from Tacoma who writes Hot Piece of Class. She also had sparkly shoes and a skinny gold belt (I see a theme) but her look was completely different. She looked great throughout the conference and I wish I’d gotten more pictures of her. Taylor Rebecca, the next woman I stopped, was just as stylish. Her neutral outfit set off with wine colored tights and a blue cardigan. You can tell by people’s outfits that spring evenings in Portland are cool. Luckily the people are cooler! Taylor's friend I was so enamored with those gray booties that I snapped a close-up of them, along with a yellow pair of heels someone had on. Both are wedges but they’re nothing alike. Proof that there’s a huge variety of wedges out there. They both look comfortable, stable, and stylish. wedges The person wearing those cute yellow wedges was looking stylish from the ankles up too. She had on a great faux-leather jacket and skinnies. After I took her picture she pointed out that her collar isn’t part of a shirt, but rather a collar necklace. What a great way to change up an outfit! faux leather jacket Meet Joe and Sadie, the stars of The Intrepid Herbivores, a vegan TV show about travel and food. Their show is fun and funny and is a great way to learn about how to travel vegan-style. Check out their site, “like” them on Facebook, and look for them on TV in the near future. I just saw a screening of their pilot and I can’t wait for more.

Oh, and don’t they look great? Sadie managed to match her scarf to her hair (possibly a coincidence). If I had a utility belt purse like hers it would have saved me from juggling my clutch, camera and glass of wine. Joe made his look unique with a utilikilt and combat boots. Intrepid Herbivores I approached Staci and Justin as they basked in the warm glow of a heat lamp. They’re another example of two people who look fabulous on their own but together really turn heads. I love the statement necklace Staci chose and her bold combination of gray and orange. Justin has a monochromatic look with a great tie. He let his style shine through with the checkered Vans. Justin and Staci Staci was nice enough to get in touch with me after the gala. She sent me a couple of other pictures that really show off her look. She’s not a blogger, but she could be. She knows how bloggers like to list brands so she sent me a list. Her dress is H&M, her shoes are Madden Girl, and the necklace is from Nordstrom. Justin is wearing a Van Heusen shirt and tie, Dockers, and Vans. Both of them prove that you can look like a million without spending it. Staci and Justin I stopped one last group at the gala. They all had such great style! I need to find the blog for the woman on the left in the elegant halter dress. Next to her, in the slinky, one-shouldered dress, is Sarah of Bentoriffic. Sharon, in the tomato-red and black ensemble is half of Big City Vegan, a site she runs with her sister. Finally, with the amazing purple flower in her hair and black lace overlay dress, is the one and only Super Diva (AKA Dawn). They all have great stories to share and I encourage you to check out their blogs.Fab four

They also were nice enough to remind me that no one had taken my picture. Dawn offered. Thank you Dawn! I’ve had this dress for a few years but it hasn’t made it to my blog until now. I got it at Fashion Crimes in Toronto. My Shoes are by Hot Lips and my empty cage necklace (perfect for the occasion) is from The Sapphire Bee.

three bloggers

After that last photo, I hit the bar, the vegan sundae line, and the dance floor. Even bloggers need to clock out sometimes and just have some fun.


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Street Style: Vegan Blogger Conference

I had a lot of fun at Vida Vegan Con, the vegan blogger conference I attended last week. Most bloggers had food blogs, some had lifestyle blogs, and a few had style blogs. Everywhere I turned I saw fashionable bloggers! It was hard to get photos though–we were all so busy. I managed to get a few shots at least.

I stopped Ky Lee Fournier because I loved her casual style. I’m a huge fan of fedoras and skinny jeans and I like how she threw a denim jacket into the mix. The faux leather booties add a bit of toughness and the cotton floral bag is a great soft spring piece. Ky Lee is a vegan sports nutritionist from British Columbia and she’s as fit as she is stylish!

Ky Lee Fournier

When Londoner Kip told her friends she’s had her photo taken for a style blog, they laughed. Kip runs The Messy Vegetarian Cook blog and is known for her recipes, not her outfits. But who’s laughing now? From the red tights and adorable polka-dots to the cute cardi, this is a great look. I think I need a pair of 8-hole vegan Dr. Martens now too!


I was thrilled to meet Jesse Anne O in person. I’ve been reading her blog for a couple of years and was thrilled when I found out she was going to VVC. She runs a smashing style blog with a focus on ethical attire. I love following her New York adventures and seeing what she’s thrifted. She’s also got her pulse on vegan designers and local shops.

Jesse Anne O

As proof that we met, here I am with Jesse.

Jean and Jesse

I saw a few people donning stripes over the three-day conference. Case in point: Anika of Vegan Score and Dawn of Vegan Moxie. I know these two lovelies from Seattle and it was great to reconnect with them in Portland.

I love Anika’s black, white and red look. She shows how to “dress down” with a denim jacket. And you’d never know it, but those cute ballet flats are Crocs! Waterproof shoes for temperamental spring days–genius! Dawns tights and cardi are a great way to wear a summery dress when it’s a bit cool out. I love how she chose green tights and caramel faux-leather flats. Adorable!

Anika and dawn

Helen and Molly are also from Seattle. They are the voices behind Vegtastic and Vegan Princess in an Omni Kingdom, respectively. I paired them up for my impromptu shoot because they both had on dots. Helen’s top has a subtle Swiss dot and Molly’s dress is a whimsical circle print. I like how they show how to layer with cardigans and how to rock flats. I think Helen might be wearing Cri de Coeur (and Jesse, above, might have on the same style. Great minds…).

Dawn and Molly

Speaking of great minds, meet Megan and Megan. Megan on the left, runs The Opinioness of the World, an awesome blog filled with info about film, food, and feminism (among other things). I almost bought the very scarf she’s wearing but I left it at Herbivore Clothing. Moments later, unbeknownst to me, Megan popped in and got it. Good call! It looks great and it’s super soft.

Both Megans got their shirts at Herbivore, which is why I thought they looked so good together in this post. It’s a black and fuchsia theme! The shirts read “Love life: no matter whose.” A terrific message! I like how these women took the same shirt and created completely different outfits. Megan on the right is on twitter and YouTube and has tons of adorable cat stories and photos because she fosters kittens. Awesome!

Two Molly's

Finally, it’s me again. But only because I bumped into Lulu. We’d been carrying around the same bag all weekend and had a couple of photo ops together. Lulu looked fantastic all weekend long. I wish I’d gotten pictures of her every day. Her wardrobe is all about color and texture and she makes it seem effortless. She doesn’t have a blog–yet. Here’s hoping to that happening soon. No pressure, Lulu!

Jean and Lulu

There you have it. I did snap a bunch of photos at the vegan gala, so look for that post next!


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Shorts and a Bright Yellow Tote

I love the look of a long-sleeved top paired with shorts. For most shorts-wearing weather, it’s too hot for long tops though. that’s why fall is the perfect time for this look. It’s a nice transition between skimpy summer clothes, and warmer autumn attire.

shorts and top

Top: Florida street vendor
Shorts: H&M
Tote: Snap Designs
Shoes: Goodwill
Necklaces: eBay (wing); Falling Whistles (whistle)
Bracelets: Shop on Bainbridge Island

The weather is still in the 70s around here, so I threw on a loose cotton knit top with dressy shorts. I’d never been a fan of shorts (and I still think a skirt trumps them for most occasions), but I have branched out and tried shorts more in the past year. I don’t think I had a pair of shorts in my closet for a long time–turns out, they’re fun to wear with tights though.

yellow bag

I’m getting lots of use out of my Snap Designs tote. I wasn’t sure how versatile yellow would be, but it is! It’s a fun piece that pops and doesn’t really have to match anything else I’m wearing. I also tried layering necklaces just like I stack multiple bracelets. It’s a fun way to create different looks with exiting pieces.

detail of tote and necklaces

I think the shorts carry over into fall. What transition pieces are you taking with you from summer to autumn?

the whole look


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The Crew at Work

I was on my way to eat with my lunch buddies and I saw a few neat things in their sartorial choices so I snapped a picture of them.

work crew

Tatsuo has on a crisp navy and white plaid shirt, dark-wash denim, and matching Adidas. He swears the shoes are black and white but I say they match the top perfectly. I like the light, airiness of the plaid. It’s a very summery check. Not too dark or heavy and not too complicated with too many colors.

Peter always has a polished, casual look. He has on a short-sleeved, slate-gray shirt and cotton twill pants of the workman variety. That, combined with his sturdy black shoes, gives the look a British vibe. I bet he was listening to The Clash before lunch.

Karianna went bold with a bright, light green asymmetrical top and magenta pants–straight from the Nordstrom semi-annual sale. Her sandals show off her pedicure and keep things seasonal. We work in a casual environment and she’s proof that casual doesn’t have to be boring.

Tom was happy to have worn more shoes than me on this particular week. Three days into the workweek and he was on his third pair of shoes. I, on the other hand, had on the same pair for three days straight. In my defense, it was moving week and the rest of my shoes were in boxes. A Carhartt T and jeans is a perfectly respectable go-to look, but Tom added a pop of color with the purple Nike’s. That kind of unexpected twist on a classic keeps things fresh. Purple is practically a neutral. If you wear navy, gray and brown, you can wear purple. Tom’s proof of that.

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Street Style: Day Hiking

Full disclosure: These aren’t really hiking outfits. My mom and dad didn’t pack any of the ten essentials, they aren’t wearing sturdy shoes, and they aren’t prepared for the elements. But they look cute. They happen to be at Flamingo Gardens on a paved path close to a snack bar. So everyone made it out alive.

mom and dad

There are two directions to take an outdoorsy look. My dad went for neutrals. He’s slightly camouflaged with the tans and khaki. I like the hat he chose. It’s practical and completes the look. Crocodile hunter meets Desert Storm.

My mom chose a different route. She stands out with tropical florals. Interestingly, she matches the flowers on the trees behind her. So in a way, she’s camouflaged too. I like how her purse is a flower too and mimics the yellow flowers in her top.

Normally my mom and dad are the photographers, which means they’re never in the same photo. This is a rare example of proof that they actually vacation together.


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Street Style: Two Tiny Tots

Often, little girls’ clothes are more interesting than clothes for little boys. But these two handsome young men show us all how sharp a fella’ can look. No baseball jerseys, no sneakers, just classic pieces that take them from preschool to dinner and a show (in this case, an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba).

Theo and Angus

Both lads are wearing hand-me-downs. That’s the original upcycle. So they’re stylish and thrifty, which is great when you outgrow your threads every three months.

Theo is wearing a chocolate-brown, cable-knit sweater vest with red trim over a matching red button-down shirt. He’s wearing black cords and matching oxfords. In his hand is his latest edible creation: A Tofutti, carrot and olive penguin.

Angus has on a red, cable-knit sweater vest. He’s wearing a black t-shirt under his vest and has jeans with patches on the knees. The pants are durable and stylish with their darker denim overlays, don’t you think? His sturdy shoes are great for playing and cycling–the latter of which Angus just did. That’s why he’s still got his bike helmet on. He knows being safe is fashionable.


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Street Style: Black and Brown

I like to break fashion rules so when I see others doing the same thing, I run up and take their picture to show the world that rules are meant to be broken. Fortunately Suzanne is a friend and didn’t mind the photo-op.

black and brown

I love how she has on a black coat and brown pants. The coat is part of the outfit, not just a warm layer thrown carelessly over her clothes. She has black shoes and brown gloves, showing that black and brown look great together.

I especially love how the scarf serves as both a warm item and a pop of color. The shade looks great with both brown and black, further tying the outfit together.

Suzanne’s best accessory, though, is her mega-watt smile. She’s always wearing it. I’d like to find out her secret. It could have something to do with the fact that she’s a yoga instructor. She knows how to nourish her soul—especially when things get hectic as they tend to do around the holidays.


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Street Style: Falling for Hats

Dave is a man of style. He appreciates a well-made shoe, and he’s fun to talk to about anything sartorial. Add to these qualities that he’s also a musician and avid motorcycle rider and, well, you can imagine what a cool guy he is. It’s especially refreshing to see a man like Dave on the Eastside: He’s stylish in a sea of software folks (who, despite their smarts, don’t usually spend much thought on getting dressed).

Dave in his hat

Hat: Byrnie Utz
Jacket: Territory Ahead
Shirt: Territory Ahead
Jeans: Territory Ahead
Shoes: John Fluevog

Dave’s a big fan of Territory Ahead, a stylish line of clothes for people with a sense of adventure. The clothes are rugged and durable, and are sourced from exciting places all over the world. But unlike a lot of travel wear, this stuff isn’t just practical, it looks great. He gets his Territory Ahead gear from the Bellevue store.

Despite Dave’s adventurous nature, this hat is his first. And by hat, I mean fashionable hat. Baseball hats are not a fashion statement (Ron Howard, I’m talking to you). Fortunately, Dave’s brother talked him into trying on some hats at Byrnie Utz in downtown Seattle. The associate helped him with dozens of styles so he could find the right one.

Some hats make a person’s face look leaner; others make it look wider. Some just aren’t the right style. So Dave’s advice for anyone looking at hats is to try a bunch. Don’t try one and say you’re not a hat person.


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Street Style: Bright Tights and Over-the-Knee Boots

When I ran into Elly wearing this awesome patterned dress, bright tights, and over-the-knee boots, I just had to take her picture. Luckily, she didn’t mind.

tights and patterned dress

What’s weirdly coincidental is that on this very day, I was also wearing a light-colored, patterned dress, bright tights, and tall boots. There was something in the air, I guess. Or perhaps we both got the memo.

The boho-inspired dress is fantastic, with it’s grape-y and wine-hued designs. I’m glad she chose bold tights too. It adds just the right amount of punch. And the boots! It’s hard to pull off the over-the-knee look. Sometimes it can be too sexy. But Elly bought a pair with a cute wedge heel. They’re really fun yet still appropriate for work.


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