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People I meet walking down the street – who happen to rock a style of their own.

Upcycled Sari and Repurposed Wedding Jewelry

My friend Karthik recently attended a wedding vow renewal wearing fabulous upcycled items, including some of her own wedding jewelry. I love the story behind each piece and how they’re all so ingeniously reused, so I’m sharing it with you. Karthik’s vintage dress was originally a South Indian silk sari that was turned into a great cocktail dress. She found it at a Seattle vintage shop.

upcycled sari

Vintage dress: Red Light Vintage
Vegan clutch: DSW
Vegan shoes: Bandolino
Earrings: Sukra
Right-hand bangles: Vintage family heirlooms
Left-hand bangles: Repurposed vintage family heirloom
Ring: Repurposed vintage family heirloom


Karthik accessorized with fantastic pieces. See the ring on her right hand? The ruby was originally part of a long necklace that belonged to her great great grandmother. Karthik’s family worked with a jeweler to have the pendant removed and remade into a ring. They added a new pendant to the necklace and had it made into a choker. Karthik wore the choker, ring, and earrings at her own wedding this past winter. Her look then was much more traditional and elaborate, but she shows how even the most formal pieces can be dressed up and down.

The vintage necklace had other rubies too, and they were removed and turned into a watch band. Later, Karthik had the watch band converted into a bracelet. She wore the bracelet at her wedding and also at her friend’s ceremony.

Karthik proves you can be eco-friendly in vintage, honor your heritage, and stay true to your values (in this case, animal-free accessories)—all while looking great! Thanks, Karthik, for sharing your story.


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Street Style: Sister Edition

Sisters share a unique bond. Or so I’m told—I don’t have as sister. But judging from these two pairs, there is something special between sisters. Even the way they pose for the camera, in physical proximity to each other, denotes their closeness—and that’s always in style.

These two women were out enjoying one of the many fairs that makes summer so much fun. I noticed their bold hair color right away. It’s a great shade of red and a true sign of confidence. They have the same LV bag (worn differently), and have similar but different strappy sandals. See how great sandals look with jeans and capris? I love their accessories too, especially how they show how to wear bangles and big earrings for day.


These twins are celebrating their Canadian and Danish heritage in red and white. And while they do look alike, they have their own take on things. Nothing says summer like white capris. Their bold glasses are a great touch. The frames are different and the style is distinct. And notice the white watch. It’s a great alternative to a black strap or metal band and looks really fresh when the temperatures rise.


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Street Style: White Denim for Summer

I’m on a roll. Two days of street style! I work with Suchitra and I am always inspired by her outfits, whether she’s in casual jeans and a sweater, a flouncy dress, or traditional Indian salwar kameez (a tunic-style top and pants), she always looks so stylish.


There are so many times I’ve wanted to capture her fashions and post them here. I finally did so recently. Suchitra shows how to mix denim. The white, military-style jacket is so fresh and crisp. It’s a perfect cover-up for cooler days or breezy office AC. Her dark capris contrast nicely. Dark denim is a great casual Friday office go-to.

A bright top and silver strappy sandals complete the look. Head to toe fabulous!

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Street Style: Par for the Course

Meet Gus. I saw him 100 yards away and had to ask him about his amazing pants. I love pink on guys, but I usually only see it in the form of a tie or maybe a shirt. When Gus decided he needed pink pants, he went to a reliable source: a golf shop. If I’ve learned anything about golfers, it’s that they embrace color and patterns. You don’t have to be a golfer to borrow golf style.

pink pants

I really like how these pants are paired with a simple gray t-shirt with a subtle pink stripe that picks up the color of the pants. A dark shoe would be too severe for this outfit. Gus knew that, and chose a summery, white sandal.

It’s so refreshing that in Seattle, the land of fleece and khakis, there are guys like Gus to brighten our days.


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Street Style: In the Office

I recently went to lunch with a couple of my coworkers. We ate at Cactus in Kirkland and then popped into Ragamoffyn’s for consignment designer shopping. I’m still looking for a Pucci skirt or dress in my size, but I did find a cute Trina Turk top for $29.

June, aka The Sustainable Fashionista, hit the jackpot with a dress (or two) and this black and white seersucker skirt.

I love how the pattern of June’s skirt seems to dance. Normally, I see seersucker in pastel shades, so this black and white number packs a punch. June paired it with a simple black top and cute red wedges. I love the look!


black and white

Here, June is admiring her sustainable diamond engagement ring. Why can’t we all be this lucky!

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Street Style: Goodwill Hunting

I’m not good at keeping you, my dear readers, up-to-date, because this newsworthy tidbit is a few weeks old. However, since scoring a good deal is always in style, I thought I’d share yesterday’s news with you.

My coworker Shannon, the mastermind behind The Adventures of Lucky Duck, and I recently went to Goodwill’s designer sale. You can read all the gory glorious details on Shannon’s post. Basically, hordes of bargain shoppers lined up early and pushed and shoved for discounts on designer labels. You see, Goodwill saves up all the “good stuff” and holds a sale for brand-aware, budget-conscious shoppers. The prices aren’t cheap, but they’re still a good deal. And Goodwill purchases fund job training, computer classes, and English classes for deserving people. Shopping for a cause!

Shannon scored a sky blue Michael Kors silk top with tags still attached. When I recently saw Shannon wearing the top she got that day at Goodwill, I snapped a photo.

michael kors

Shannon apologized for her choice of footwear. I told her not to. The rhinestone sandals look adorable with her top and denim capris. She chose them because she was on her way to get a pedicure so she’d be ready for her trip to Hawaii. Aloha Shannon!


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Street Style: Shopping Pals

I was downtown Seattle again and I found a few stylish people on the streets. Two pairs stuck out:

Andrea and Lindsay (I hope I spelled that right, Lindsay!) caught my attention for two reasons. First, they were smiling! And that’s always in style. Second, they each had their own look going on but they complemented each other very well. I changed direction in the middle of crossing Second Avenue and stopped them when we were safely on the curb. Turns out this pair is mother and daughter. Mom (Andrea) passed along good style to her daughter. Maybe it’s in their jeans, er, genes.

I especially like how they both have short, stylish hair, but each cut is unique. Their cross-body bags are cute and very practical for hands-free shopping. I like how Lindsay’s black coat and Andrea’s stone coat are the opposite of the straps on their bags. Their glasses are terrific too and show how small changes in design can make something really personal. Thanks you two!

like mother, like daughter

Next, I stopped these two young women on First Avenue. They seemed to be enjoying the day as well—and they looked cute too. They have great looks. They stood out from the crowds because of their coordinated, neutral palette. The olive coat with brass hardware is great, and who doesn’t like a classic pea coat? The brass buttons on the pea coat and the matching hardware on their bags look great.

I’m sad that I didn’t ask for their names (I do that sometimes because I’m still nervous about asking strangers to pose for me). I like how everyone wins in the “blunt bangs vs. pulled back bangs” debate. You can see that both styles are terrific. And I’m pretty sure those red shoes are Tom’s. A stylish, ethical choice made better by the coordinating nail polish on her friend’s fingers. It’s the little things that make all the difference

two friends


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Street Style: Belltown in Spring

Today was such a gorgeous day in Seattle. And when the sun comes out, so do all the stylish people. I saw lots of Seattleites enjoying the day and rocking their own unique looks. Here are my favorites:

I stopped Jennifer on First Avenue mainly because I loved the red trench coat she was wearing. But also because everything she is has on is amazing. She’s effortlessly stylish and so pulled together—perfect for the sunny, warm(ish) day.

Her hair is fabulous, and I love how unexpected the green bag is. Her chandelier earrings add just the right amount of glam to a Saturday shopping outfit. With this look, she san sail smoothly into a restaurant for dinner and not miss a beat.

stylish woman in red coat

Next, I ran into Paul and Ryan jamming in front of form/space atelier, an art gallery in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. Turns out, Ryan is the curator of the art gallery. My only regret is that I didn’t pop in to see the art. The exhibition that opened up on Thursday features art and artifacts from the office of Gloria Steinem. A perfect tie-in with the feminist fashion posts I’ve been writing.

Speaking of tie-ins, I found Paul’s blazer and tie appealing. In a city known for fleece vests, this was a breath of fresh air. I like how he wore complimentary pants, but not a matching suit. And fedoras are never a bad idea—instant style. Ryan’s pea coat and jeans are perfect for today’s weather too. There is nothing contrived about his look; it just works.

two stylish guys

Finally, I stopped one more stylish person before I left Belltown. She told me she wasn’t ready for a photo shoot, but I disagreed. What caught my eye when I saw her was the pulled-togetherness of the boots and coat. It’s not fussy, but it’s polished. Nothing’s too matchy-matchy, yet everything goes. She’s working neutral tones but added a pop of color with the fuchsia mock turtleneck. I like how it peeks out of her coat like the first spring flowers are just now starting to peek out of the earth.

woman with peacoat


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Street Style: Ways to Keep Warm

This is the first installment of a new category on my blog: Street Style. Now that I have business cards I feel slightly more legit and don’t mind asking complete strangers if I can take their pictures. That’s what I did today. It’s unusually cold in Seattle today and I found two people who managed to look stylish and warm at the same time. Here they are:

Now, before you think I’m mean for taking Angie’s photo next to this sign, let me reassure you that it was her idea. I love how Angie is rocking a North Face winter coat. I didn’t even notice until she pointed it out–probably because she layered a cozy gray scarf with it. The boots have a nice, walkable heel height and keep her feet warm–but the first thing I noticed is how great they look.

The skirt she’s wearing is a different pattern on every side, which means she can wear it various ways and it will look like a new skirt each time. She gets bonus points for matching it to her hair. The blue streaks are terrific.

a stylish woman

Meet Axel. I saw him walking through Belltown and loved his look immediately. As luck would have it, he was heading to the same place I was: Top Pot Doughnuts.

Yes, Axel is wearing fur, but before you get mad, he reassured me that it is vintage. Axel’s rule is that if the fur is older than him, he will wear it. It’s not like anyone else can run out and buy from a now-defunct company. This would work well with faux fur too for those of you who want the look and plan to buy new.

Check out his cross-body bag, hand-knit wrist warmers, skinny jeans and white Beatle boots. I love his specs too. Axel proves that staying warm doesn’t mean you have to dress bulky. He has a great long and lean silhouette despite the frigid temps.

stylish man on the street


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