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Cozy and Stylish Fleece

Seattleites love fleece. What’s not to love? It’s warm and soft. It’s not always stylish though. Hoodies are practical but that’s about it. 

That’s why I grabbed one of these fleece jackets when they arrived at the store. They’re warm, cozy, and stylish. No buttons; just a simple tie closure. 

Jacket: Valln

: Monkee Genes

: Skunkfunk


This jacket is made in the USA by Valln. I paired it with my Monkee Genes. Sweatshop-free and organic. Love them! I’m digging the Skunkfunk long sleeve tee too. So simply but the contrast stitching takes it up a notch. 

My shoes are the same pineapple leather sneakers I’ve been wearing all summer. I changed the look of them by swapping out the white laces for black ones. Little changes make a big difference!


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