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From time to time people ask me style questions. Of course I like to give my two cents’ worth. If you have style questions, add a comment below or email me at I’ll post questions, along with my answers, here.

Q: I’m going to Disneyland with my hubby and I don’t know what to wear. I don’t want to dress “blah,” but I don’t want to look like a goofball. Any tips?

A: There can be only one Goofy at Disney, and it shouldn’t be you! Right away I thought a fitted, vintage-looking Mickey Mouse T-shirt in classic gray would be fun and not costume-y. You could pair it with cute shorts and flat, strappy sandals. It’s a casual look and you’d be comfortable. Another option would be a cute, cool sundress with Keds. Non-running running shoes can dress down an outfit and be practical too. If you plan on jumping in and out of roller coasters all day, a pair of bike shorts under the dress will keep you from flashing people in line!

Q: I’m flying to the east coast for a job interview and I have no idea what to wear. I’m interviewing for a government consulting company. The company sounds conservative, but I work in a creative field. Seattle style is so relaxed. What’s a good bet? ~ K.S., Seattle, WA

A: Great question! You want to let your creativity shine through, but you don’t want to seem unprofessional. Here’s my idea of a fail-proof interview outfit: Choose a neutral blazer (navy, gray, black, etc.) and coordinating trousers or a pencil skirt. You don’t have to wear a matching suit. A black blazer and gray tweed trousers, for example, still looks pulled together. To show your creativity, wear a blouse in a bright fuchsia or blue and consider a fun lapel pin. I’d pull the look together with closed-toe, mid-height heels. If you go with pants, heels or oxfords will work. Good luck with the interview!

Q: I really like white jeans. I want to buy a pair but I don’t know how to style them. Can I dress them up? ~ C.C., Toronto, Canada

A: White jeans are fun. They go with almost anything and really make colors pop. Unlike blue jeans, they’re usually work appropriate, especially if you buy a boot cut or trouser style. To dress up your jeans, buy them long and wide and wear them with heels. I’m not a fan of black shoes with white jeans; the contrast is too harsh. In spring and summer, try a strappy sandal in nude, or wear a color like yellow or red. In fall, try caramel or brown boots. White jeans are a blank canvas, waiting for accessories or a shimmery or ruffled top. Try white jeans with a bright top in pink or turquoise or yellow. You can wear white jeans in winter; just mix them with neutrals like chocolate-brown or khaki and make sure the texture of your top is wintery. Throw on a corduroy blazer or blue denim jacket. Have fun and experiment.

Q: I’m going to a wedding and I’ll be wearing a royal blue vintage cocktail-length dress. I don’t know what shoes to wear. Nudes are so popular right now but I have a darker skin tone. I don’t think nude shoes will work. ~ K.S., Seattle, WA

A: A vintage dress sounds great! You’ll be assured that no one else will be wearing your outfit. You can wear nude, but remember to match your skin tone. A lot of the “nudes” on the shelves are buff, sand, cream. They won’t work for a lot of skin tones. The key it to get what works for you. Look for butterscotch, toffee or chocolate hues. The ultimate neutral shoe will blend into your leg for a lengthening effect.

Q: I’ll be traveling to France in a week and want to pack light. The weather will be in the 60s and 70s during the day and in the 40s in the evening. I want to take one jacket that I can wear with pants and with skirts and dresses. What type of jacket should I bring? ~ K.B., Seattle, WA

A: Lucky you! To stay comfortable and fashionable, consider these options: A denim jacket works well with pants and it’s a great way to “dress down” a dress. If denim’s not your thing, a hip-length safari jacket will look trés chic. One of my favorite tricks is to pack a casual blazer. You can wear it belted or with a scarf and totally change up the look. Blazers look great with jeans and just as good with dresses. If you have a little extra room in your suitcase, a trendy cardigan will prove useful and versatile too.

2 responses to “Style Q&A

  1. I’m going to a Fabulous over 40 event on Sunday. I’m 60, 118 lbs. Any suggestions what I should wear? Also, I’m getting my hair done on Saturday specially for the event and I’m not sure whether to get it cut shorter than usual or stick with my regular style. ~ C.C. Canada

    • Looking at your avatar and stats, I can see you’re youthful and in great shape. I say flaunt it! Wear a pretty, figure-flattering dress and emphasis your tiny waist with a belt in a contrasting color. For example, a red belt for a neutral dress, or a neutal belt for a colorful dress.

      Fall is the perfect time to wear boots, so if you have a knee-high pair with a kitten heel, you’ll not only look polished, but you’ll walk more elegantly. Heels shift the way we stand and, as long as the heel is comfortable and easy to walk in, the’re confidence-boosters.

      Most of all, be yourself. Wear something you feel good in so you don’t have to worry about your outfit. Then, when you get to the event you can relax and have fun.

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