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Sunny Stripes for Summer

I found this shirt at a clothing exchange and loved its day-glow colors. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but I took it figuring I could pair it with black pants.

striped top

Top: Swapped
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Target

However, when I saw that the yellow in the topic was the same hue as my highlighter-yellow cropped jeans I decided to put the two pieces together.

yellow pants and colorful top

Gold shoes aren’t exactly subtle either but I went with these because a demure ballet flat seemed to be a good fit for the psychedelic swirls in the shirt. It’s not often I find a shirt busier than my tattoo sleeve!

colorful summer outfit

It’s summer, and to me that means bright, fun clothes—especially ones that you can get wet! I bought a little pool for my dog so he can cool off. I enjoy dipping my toes in the water too.


What are your go-to summer tones?

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Endless Summer

I don’t like fall. There. I said it. All my friends are celebrating the changing leaves and sweater weather with pumpkin spice lattés and I’m having none of it! Seattle had a terrific summer. Warm, but not humid. Sunny but not hot. Mid 80s from May through September. I could count the rainy days on one hand. Even now, it’s not time for a coat.

orange and blue

Top: Thrifted
Jeans: Banana Republic
Shoes: H&M
Belt: Steve Madden

If I had my way, it would be summer forever. Sure the autumn colors are pretty but the days are getting shorter and the nights are cool. Winter will be here soon, and that bums me out.

thrifted top

These photos are from a month or so ago, when I was enjoying my backyard oasis. I still hang out there with my dog, but the garden has faded. My top, however, is still bright.

balancing act

I bought this at a thrift store–despite it being two sizes too big. I just couldn’t resist the little shoe pattern! For my first attempt, I belted it. I might take it in at the waist–or maybe completely transform it into a skirt, a scarf, who knows?

shoe pattern

Such a big, busy top needed a simple, streamlined bottom so I wore skinny jeans and nude ballet flats.

I’ll be switching to fall clothes soon, but I’ll cope. I’m counting down the days till spring!

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Floral Dress for a New York Day

I’m in New York again! I’m having such a fantastic time and I’m so busy that I’m almost forgetting to blog! I’m here with my parents and so far we’ve gone to dance performances, flea markets, jazz concerts, museums, and vegan restaurants–I even got my hair cut here. We still have Shakespeare and comedy on the agenda.

Today we went to a fantastic event in Soho called The Seed. It’s a plant-based experience complete with vegan food, cooking demos, beauty products, clothing, animal rescue organizations, and fabulous speakers. I got to see Lois Eastlund again too–she’s the designer I met last year. You might remember her name from the mint dress I posted. In fact, Lois told me about the event. I’m so glad she did! I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this!

cinnamon snail

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Reneu
Purse: Crystalyn Kae

I was in heaven before I even entered the building. The Cinnamon Snail vegan food truck was selling scrumptious sandwiches outside.

food truck

Once inside, I posed on the red carpet before checking out the booths.

the seed

I found one of my favorite handbag companies–Gunas–and they were having a sale!


I got to meet Jenny Brown of Woodstock Animal Sanctuary, and Tha Vegan Dread, a professional bodybuilder (who’s as nice as he is strong).

jenny and jean

tha vegan dread

After looking at all sorts of products and learning about great animal organizations, we headed over to Mooshoes, a vegan shoe store that happened to be having a shop-up event with baked goods and other vegan product from local vendors.


shop up

The Seed is yet another reason why I love New York!

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Casual Grays

For a comfortable, versatile look, I often gravitate to capri pants–and these gray ones were $5. I’ve worn them so much over the past four years that even if I’d paid $100 for them I’d have gotten my money’s worth.

gray cropped pants
Top: Goodwill
Pants: Bluenotes
Shoes: ReNu
Belt: Truth
Cuff: Rogue City Killers

patterned top
Wearing this slouchy, oversized graphic T with my pants is comfortable and versatile. This day, I was just running errands but I’ll happily go our for lunch or shopping wearing my gray outfit.

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Spending the Morning in Morningside Park

During my trip to NYC, my parents and I had the chance to visit a famous landmark: The restaurant from Seinfeld.

Tom's restaurant

Of course the show used only the exterior shot; the inside scenes were shot in a Hollywood studio. Still, it was fun to stand in such a famous place, and the location of so many funny scenes from my favorite show.

We popped in to Tom’s (or Monk’s as it was called on the show) for a New York bagel, and walked through the Columbia University campus and watch new students moving in.

walikng outfit

olive and black

Top: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Target
Purse: Flea market in Harlem
Sunglasses: Shop in Santa Fe
Necklace: Herbivore Clothing

 I also walked through Morningside park, a long, treed strip of land that runs between Morningside Heights and Harlem. From the top of the park you can see a great view of Harlem.

morningside park

My stroll took a serious turn when I happened upon the cathedral St. John the Divine. I don’t normally stop in cathedrals but this one was having a photo exhibit called Hidden Lives: The Untold Stories of Urban Refugees. I read about people who endured terrible hardships, such as war, violence, natural disasters and how they moved to safer places. I learned that across the globe, over 40 million people are displaced and that half of them are living in urban centers. The exhibit challenged my perception of what it means to be a refugee. It’s not just “someone else” in “another place.” They are our neighbors too, and often we walk by without knowing their stories.

The exhibit is over but you can read the featured stories online.

St. John the Divine

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Comfy Ballet Flats

One of my recent shopping goals was finding a pair of comfortable shoes that I can take with me on my upcoming trip to New York. When I was at the vegan bloggers conference I happened upon the Compassionate Couture booth, where I found a cute pair of flats by Reneu.

olive and black

Top: Swapped
Capris: Gap via Swapped
Shoes: Renue via Compassionate Couture
Bag: Victoria’s Secret
Cuff: Rogue City Killers

Compassionate Couture is an online retailer that curates a terrific selection of stylish, cruelty-free and eco-friendly clothing, shoes and accessories. It’s run by two sisters (whom I met at the booth) who left corporate America to help trendsetters stay true to their ethics without sacrificing style. That’s a company I can get behind!

bag and shoes

I tried these shoes on and practically didn’t take them off. They are lined, if you will, with memory foam (the kind used in tempurpedic beds) so they are cushiony and soft. They’re going to be perfect for wandering around Manhattan!

comfy outfit

Coincidentally, they also match my laptop bag. I don’t try to match shoes and purses (I usually try not to) but I liked how these two items went together.

eco outfit

The second eco item I’m wearing is the recycled inner tube cuff I recently bought to replace the upcycled leather one I’ve worn off and on for a few years. The other one was made of an old belt, so it was eco too, but I don’t want to wear any animal products anymore. The rubber looks leather-like and it’s vegan! I bought two and I might buy more. The stitching color makes each one look unique.

cuff and shoes

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Neon with Black and White

I picked up this neat top in Vancouver this past spring but it hadn’t made it onto my blog until now. I like the mesh and color blocking and the 80s vibe I get from it. I also like that it’s from a store we don’t have in the USA so the chances of someone else wearing the same top is slim to nil.

It’s a great piece for Visible Monday–check out all the other posts at Not Dead Yet!

neon pants

Top: Bedo
Pants: The Gap
Cuff: Consignment
Bag: Sue Huston
Shoes: Kelly & Katie

Since it has an 80s feel, I paired the top with my neon yellow boyfriend jeans. But that wasn’t enough. I added a bright pink purse too. I love pops of color and even though black is classic and elegant, it’s hard for me to leave the house without a bit of bright.

black and white and neon

This works best with a strapless bra because of the sheer shoulders. However, I think a colorful, intentionally visible bra strap might work. I’m still of the mindset that bras shouldn’t show. That’s why I have strapless, racerback, and other types of bras to choose from. However, the bra as fashion statement is popular. I’m okay with that unless it looks sloppy. I like a clean-looking tank top, for example, without straps hanging out. Is that old-fashioned?


Speaking of bras, I’ve heard that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size. I recently went to Nordstrom for a professional fitting, expecting to be one of the 20%. In fact, I was convinced the clerk would congratulate me on my ability to correctly fit myself. Boy was I wrong! I was not wearing the right size bra. She helped me get into one that fit. And of course, I bought six. They feel great and wearing the right size really makes a difference in terms of comfort, posture, and the way my clothes look.


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Stripes and Red Skinnies

Who knew I’d wear these red skinny jeans so often? They were money well spent and I consider them a neutral. They go with almost everything.

red denim

T-shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Red Light Vintage
Shoes: Qupid

Today, I wore them with a long, striped T from Old Navy. If you recognize it, it’s because I have the same one in cool tones too. If I like something, I often buy multiples. It’s an affliction I picked up from my mom and oma.

I have the same pair of Flexx sandals in black, sand, and lilac. I have two of these tops, three pairs of the same style of Aerosoles (in tan, purple, and yellow), and I have the same turtleneck in wine, gray, and teal. If I like the fit and cut, why not get a few? Do you ever “stock up” on favorite things?

stripes and skinnies


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More Zebra Stripes!

I got these shoes on sale. You see, I bought a pair of boots and was $4 shy of the “free orders over $50” special. Instead of paying $7 to ship my boots, I paid $8 for these shoes and got free shipping. So really, the shoes were $1. Proof that I can justify any purchase!

red, white and black

I wore them with dark denim and a red top for a casual look.

red and blue

casual look

Sweater: Thrifted
Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Banana Republic
Shoes: Soda
Necklace: eBay
Cuff: Greenbelts

Oddly, I forget where I ordered these shoes. After all the calculations and planning, the store name escapes me. I’ve been wearing all the things in my closet so getting use of my shoes is important. That’s why I got dressed from the feet up!


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Street Style: Winter White and Plaid

Dont you just love this coat? I saw Caryn wearing it and ran over to compliment her on it. When she buttoned up the lapel to create a stylish funnel-neck collar, I was sold. I asked her to pose for my street style post and she kindly obliged.

plaid coat

Caryn has always had a great fashion sense (and the best accessory ever: strawberry blonde hair) but I think the coolest part of this story is that she’s had this coat in her closet—unworn—for two years. See, Caryn recently lost 100 pounds and this coat was part of what motivated her to get into single-digit sizes.

Talk about a major accomplishment! I’m so proud of Caryn for being dedicated to her health and following through on her goals. In her case, good old-fashioned exercise and a healthy, moderate diet got her here. She loves having more energy and having so many more sartorial choices.

outfit details

Now back to the coat: I love winter white and plaid so when I saw them together I swooned. It’s a great fall look but it’s light and bright. I like cheery coats and this one fits the bill. I really like how Caryn kept her silhouette lean with skinny jeans and nude ballet flats.


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