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Beautiful Bats and Venus Fly Traps

When I found out that this month’s theme post at Sophistique Noir was floral, I knew exactly what to write about. Last spring I participated in EBEW’s floral group post, and I wore florals in Florida, so I’m not against wearing pretty patterns. But I didn’t want to showcase another floral outfit. This time, I want to show you an amazing find: Purple and black bat-and-floral wallpaper!

cute bat

When my group at work moved into a different building one of the first things I did was explore the area. I’m in a cube but there are a few offices in the building. In one of the swankier offices I found an entire wall of this amazing wallpaper. I don’t know whose space it used to be, but he or she sure knew how to decorate! I love how the office is currently a contractor bay and the paper remains.

bat in flight

I snapped photos and showed my friends my amazing find. I didn’t have a blog when I found this wallpaper but I’m happy to share the photos with you now. I did a web search for “bat wallpaper” and had page after page of desktop wallpaper links. I kept hitting dead ends until my colleague and friend Pleiades found the source: Flavor Paper.

flavor papers

Flavor Paper has a wallpaper section with amazing patterns. Some of my favorites are Flower Pedal, Flower of Love, City Park, and Iris. But nothing is better than Elysian Fields. I prefer the black and purple, but check out the other colors too. In fact, the colors change the look of the paper so much! It might seem obvious, but the same print in antique pink has a totally different effect.


I’d put this up on one wall of a home office or paper the entire bathroom! I think an oval mirror with a silver frame would pop against this background. I love that this paper is pretty with a dark side. Even the plants are dangerous!

What would you do with this paper? Do you have any others that you like?


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