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Stretch Your Fashion Dollar

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I got to be a guest blogger at the Be In Style section of Pocket Change. I was asked back and I have a new post to share with you. Check out the post on Pocket Change and read about how to stretch your fashion dollar.


Do you have tips for making your fashion budget go farther? Let me know or share your ideas on Pocket Change.


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Tips for First-Time Thrifters

Today’s post is a short one. You see, I am a guest blogger at the Be In Style section of Pocket Change. I was asked to share my thrifty tips with a broader audience. I know some of you have asked about how to find great threads at thrift stores. Hop on over to Pocket Change and read about how I go about finding deals. 

Pocket Change

Do you have any thrifting tips? Share them here or on Pocket Change!


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