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Kailua Beach and Then Home

I never get tired of seeing tropical beaches, but in case you are getting weary, rest assured: Future posts will be set in dreary Seattle. In the meantime, here’s how hubby and I spend the last few hours for warm, windy weather in Kailua.

morning at the beach

The city is in the windward side of the island–perfect for kiteboarding, surfing, and working on getting a “beachy waves” hairstyle.



The homes along the water were amazing (and really expensive!)

beach house

Why did we keep finding fruit in the water?


And why was I so obsessed with taking pictures of it?


I love how Mr. Jean of all Trades dressed during our trip and I’m proud to say he bought the entire Hawaiian wardrobe at Goodwill the week before we travelled. He’s not normally a shorts-and-t kind of guy, but I think he pulls it off well.


We had a fantastic whirlwind of a time and we hope to be back soon.




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Splashing in the Altantic

One month ago I was at the beach. So hard to believe. I’m not a sun-lover but I enjoy rays for a few minutes here and there–especially in the middle of a cold, Seattle winter.


Bikini: Newport News
Wrap: Shop on Las Olas Blvd.

On the last day of my Florida trip, I threw on my swimsuit and jumped around in the surf for a few minutes. I wore loads of sunscreen and went in the morning when the rays aren’t too strong. I kept my visit short–besides, I saw jellyfish and got worried that my trip would end on a sour note. I wouldn’t want to get stung!

The day before this beach visit I was shopping in Fort Lauderdale when I found my yellow wrap. It’s a perfect way to cover up after a swim. I can wear it around my waist like a skirt or up higher like a strapless dress. It was $10 well spent.

sun and sand

This is the only picture so far where you can see my bee tattoo. Of course, here it’s just a tiny blob on my thigh. Next up: adding flowers from my waist to the bee. He’s lonely, don’t you think?

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Black and White on the Beach

One of the first things I did when I got to Florida was go to the beach. I’m not a sun worshipper, but the warm weather was a treat. I walked from our condo to the beach with my dad after dinner one evening, after the hottest rays were over.

B&W shorts

T-shirt: Target
Shorts: Free People
Purse: Crystalyn Kae
Shoes: Timberland
Cuff: Claire’s
Necklace: Gifted
Sunglasses: Target

The water was warm, but I didn’t swim. We looked for sea shells and watched a kite boarder. I bought these shorts in Santa Fe last spring but I’d never worn them before. They turned out to be a perfect alternative to a skirt on a windy beach.

shorts detail

It was hard to pose on the sand, and the wind was whipping our hair, but we had a lot of fun. Hard to believe it’s January.

Jean and dad


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