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Black Lace in the Mourning

Sometimes I think I was a Victorian widow in a previous life. Well, not really. I don’t believe in reincarnation. But I do really like the clothing of that era. I’d incorporate it into my style more often but I’m so fickle. I dress according to my mood and I’m not sure I could commit to one theme.

black lace


Top: Old Navy
Jacket: Newport News
Skirt: Forever 21
Belt: Came with another dress
Boots: John Fluevog
Necklaces: eBay and found
Earrings: Sosie Designs
Cuff: Joolz Hayworth
Ring: Fuego

I wasn’t in a bad mood today though. I just felt like over-accessorizing and mixing a few items in a way I’d never worn them before. I can’t believe I found this crucifix in the grass while walking my dog. I picked it up, cleaned it off, and paired it with a skull cameo. I thought the little skeletons on my bracelet went well with it.


In high school my dad would get so angry when I wore a t-shirt with a Jolly Roger on it or a skull pin on my jacket. He probably thought it was satanic or I was death-obsessed. On the contrary! I love life and I happen to be amazed by the human body. Skeletons are so cool but we’ll never get to see our own.

I freaked my husband out once when we kissed and our teeth accidentally touched. I said, “we just touched¬†skulls.” Apparently that’s not a romantic thing to tell a guy. Who knew?


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